Official what spikes to use thread


Looks like the last one was locked and no one started a new one so here goes. Has anyone used the Avanti Boost for XC? Racing on a firm golf course this weekend and figured I should be fine but, I was curious to see if anyone used them this year or in the past.


I have the same question actually. Been racing in Nike Matumbo 2 for cross, but recently they’ve seemed to hurt my achilles a bit. Looking to try the avanti boost for XC cause it looks like there’s a little more to them. Anyone have experience with racing cross in them?


Just wanted to reply to let people know that they held up great, and I like them a little better than the matumbos. Just felt like I had more under foot and it put less pressure on my Achilles. He boost was a non factor on a really muddy course.


Has anyone used the matumbo 2s on a really wet and muddy day? I was planning on going with them this weekend, but the weather is really sketchy (25-25 mph wind with 50 mph gusts and 2 inches of rain) so I wasnt sure if I should return to my Vic xc 3s. I can put in big spikes, but I wasnt sure about the drainage or any other factors.


Honestly if traction is what your worried about then I’d go back to the VIC XCs. That being said, if the course is that muddy, it may not make a huge difference. Your feet will get wet in the matumbo 2, so if you’re not into that then I’d shy away from those. Id go with what looks the coolest but that’s just me :wink:


I wear the Avanti’s. They are good for grass courses but any gravel or woods courses they get wrecked. Not as durable as the Matumbos but feel great.


Hmm. I’ve been debating about which to wear at my conference meet this weekend because it is a muddy/woodsy course with some grass fields so I may just use my matumbo’s and save the Avanti’s for regionals which is more or less a grass track.


Hi, I’m looking for some advice for xc spikes. I’ve used the mamba 2’s the last couple years and absolutely loved them but at conferences today I completely destroyed them. I like the feeling of track spikes for xc but I can’t find any new pairs of mamba 1’s or 2’s. Would you recommend mamba 3’s or victory 2’s for 10k xc?


Track 10k: Vaporflys (FK or regular) or distance spike like the matumbo? (Running in the 30-31 minute range)


I would say Vaporfly if you’re worried about saving your legs for another race in the near future. Otherwise, in my opinion, the avanti is the best option for a spike.


I think for many track 10Ks, especially this early on in the season, flats will do you well. No need to beat up your legs right now.

I agree with what @Mweidenbruch says, if you’re going to go spikes, make sure it’s a really relaxed, smooth spike like the Avanti. Matumbos are okay too. Any race where you’re going to spend more time on your heel/midfoot, you want the appropriate spike. They still do put you up on your toes a bit, so maybe use shorter spikes if you want to alleviate that caveat.

I’d say the only time you need to worry about spikes is when you’re going to be in a championship race where you know it’s going to come down to the wire. In that case, the guy wearing spikes will win the last 300m.


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