Official Volleyball Thread


So i just came back from our girls volleyball game and i was wondering… do any of you play or watch volleyball?


It’s my favorite non-track olympic sport. Professional volleyball is really entertaining stuff.


do you play? its my 2nd favorite sport behind cross. id take it over track everytime bc i find track kind of boring. (running in circles blah blah blah) ive played on my schools varsity team sophomore and junior year. last year we went 19-1. our girls team has won something like 11 state championships in th last 15 years… theyre kind of a big deal:D

edit: if you watch pros, watch dalhauser… hes kinda good


Watching our high school volleyball team play is my favorite out of all of the other hs sports.

Played co-ed volleyball in gym today though… that sucked.


im soo pissed… we were like 14-0 going into today and lost. it went to all 5 matches and was really close though. incredibly exciting. we lost to the school that is the #1 d3 school in the state. it was such an exciting game. nothing better than a really close volleyball game… especially if the stands are packed


I play recreational volleyball a bit. I’m pretty solid back row and hitter. I need to work on my setting. I can keep up with kids that did play in HS, but I never played competitive because it overlapped with track season way too much.

I am a bigger fan of regular volleyball as opposed to beach. I really respect the beach guys and know it’s ****ing tough to play. However, it just isn’t as interesting to watch to me and idk why. Reid Priddy=BEAST.


just takes time… youll get better the longer you play. i like track but i would never do track over volleyball. i do xc and winter track but need a break from it so volleyball is it… outside hitter on my HS team plus backrow.

agreed… but imagine if dalhauser played indoors… hed destroy people… hes like 6’9 with a huge vertical. he gets his waist almost up to the net on the beach. hed be ridiculous on a woodfloor


not gonna lie, i really just like watching the girls in spandex. my ex was a volleyball player :smiley:

it is a fun sport to watch and play though


I watch volleyball… with my pants off.


girls volleyball is great for the uniforms, guys is great because of the sheer athleticism. My alma mater was absolutely dominant at guys (6 state titles since 2001 including a few unbeaten seasons) and even sent 1 guy on to the pros in sean rooney.

EDIT: apparently rooney is the best player we have on our indoor national team, score.


I do enjoy watching quality volleyball. However, our women’s volleyball team is so bad that watching them really isn’t an enjoyable experience.