Official Tripple Crown Thread


My uncle is technically the owner since I’m not a registered owner. But I pay the bills. He’s ready to run. And if he isn’t then I think it’s time to sell him to the polo team for a couple hundred bucks.


Six is old to start teaching a horse to say chukka !

Second leg of the Crown post time 6:20 EDT-National TV coverage currently ongoing.

My 20 if I had bet
Orb-Mylute $4 exacta $2 quinella
$14 on Mylute with Napravnik up for second


gary stevens is a master, orb choked big time.


Ratings for the Belmont just dropped big time.


Love the gimmicks when the odds-on gets swallowed by the hotdog maker.


I cannot believe the jockey on Orb thought he could close into a pace that slow. It wasn’t even like he was boxed in and got shuffled back. He just ran the same race he did in the Kentucky Derby with the pace substantially slower.


how did your horse end up doing?


2nd to last haha. His knee is shot. I think we are going to retire him.


Fire Chief for shame!!
Only now I find out you sent me off, one of my last Jefferson bills in hand, to punt my fortune on a stifled nag-for shame!!


In racing retired is a lot better than Retired