Official Tripple Crown Thread


Bets anyone?

I haven’t kept up with it like I use to, anyone have any insider information or know basically any contenders?


Here are my five contenders.

The 5 horse Normandy Invasion was the most impressive horse in the prep races IMO. His 2nd to Verrazano was really tough. He flew lte into a slow pace against horses perceived better than him. But the reason he wasn’t bet is because he had a 4th place finish prior to that doing the same thing, closing into a slow pace in an even shorter race. The extra eighth of a mile will make a HUGE difference for this guy amnd I think he takes it.

Verrazano is the most talented horse in this race IMO. He is a must on any ticket.

Overanalyze in most years would be getting bet pretty heavy. But a lot of folks think the Arkansas Derby came up weak this uyear and he is an afterthought. Watching that race live on TV though I came away very impressed, maybe he didn’t look good on paper but visually he was the most impressive horse this spring in that race.

The 19 horse is another closer who I like.

The 20 horse Vyjack probably cannot go far enough but he came out of the same race Normandy Invasion and Verrazano did so I’d consider him.

THROW OUT GOLDENCENTS is my top betting adivce. I also am not real high on Orb. I don’t think this is a good distance for him. Goldencents IMO can’t run on dirt and can’t go far enough.


And my bets are a $1 tri box combining the 5-9-14-19 combinations. And $10 to win, place and show on the 5 horse.


I got Normandy Invasion.


if Verrazano is longer than 9-1 at jockeys up
that the bet I’ll make
Buying a win ticket on Krigger and one on Napravnik for the historic value and will not cash it, it goes in my trousseau;)


Charming Kitten is my next vote, bad odds, but Edgar Prado is a great jockey.


Might be cheap to pick a favorite, but Revolutionary is going to win. I would not bet heavily on anything but a winner in this weather. Some longshot is going to screw anything else up.




The jockey on Normandy Invasion is an idiot, he tried blocking Orb, but by doing that it cost him a top 3 spot.


Huge idiot. I mean, not like he’s won the Preakness or Breeders’ or anything, right?


Every one of these jockeys are world class. He blew a top 3 finish, that’s all I’m saying.


So he should have sacrificed the chance to win and secure a top 3?

I think not.



He didn’t have a chance to win, it was clear he was running of gas, that’s why he was trying to block them. Maintain a straight line and he would have had 2nd or 3rd.


The horse was in the lead with only one horse closing super fast. He road him outside to try to disrupt his closing speed. It was the only chance he had to win.



The horse was tiring. He may have drifted on his own.

He went to early this time after going too late the last few races on Normandy Invasion. I really like that horse though.

Orb shut me up too. I was really impressed. Verrazano looked like he didn’t like the track. He should be fine. Goldencents is a sprinter or turf miler.


Also I know he never had a chance with the pace he set and he backed all the way to almost last, but thank you to Palace Malice for setting a legit pace in a race I’m not sure there would be one. It really helped a great horse like Orb make a run and win. Who knows what would have happened if nobody went out like that.


loves it, eats it up. Eats the slop. Born to slop. His father was a mudder.

His father was a mudder?

His mother was a mudder.

His mother was a mudder?

What did I just say?


I was there on the infield for the bulk of the day yesterday. I figured I might as well share these pics of the big race.


Check out the 4th race at Mountaineer tomorrow. CJ One the 4 horse is a legit long shot. And he’s mine.


OK Fire Chief if I can get a bet down I will
Who should I use for the Exacta and Tri??
Race 4 - 8:15 PM Pick Six (Races 4-5-6-7-8-9) $2 Trifecta $2 Perfecta $1 Trifecta Box $1 Perfecta Box ($.50) Superfecta

Purse $8,400. For Three Year Olds And Upward Which Have Never Won Two Races.
Three Year Olds, 121 Lbs.; Older, 123 Lbs. Non-winners of a race since April 14 Allowed 3 Lbs. Claiming Price $5,000.
Five Furlongs.
P#PPHorseVirtualStableA/SMedClaim $JockeyWgtTrainerM/L
11[B]Twisted Lies (WV)[/B] 5/GL$5,000[URL=“”]E Barbaran120[URL=“”]S J Witherow15/1
22[B]Fine Leather (KY)[/B] 3/GL$5,000[URL=“”]L Hernandez118[URL=“”]I J Garcia5/2
33[B]Bodacious Gift (LA)[/B] 5/GLA$5,000[URL=“”]L R Rivera120[URL=“”]A Farrior4/5
44[B]C J One (WV)[/B] 6/GL$5,000[URL=“”]S Vasyutov120firechief15/1
55[B]Beach Assault (FL)[/B] 5/GL$5,000[URL=“”]J H Sanches120[URL=“”]A H Sanchez15/1
66[B]Nomadikat (PA)[/B] 4/GL$5,000[URL=“”]J Loveberry120[URL=“”]A Dodge12/1
77[B]Three Square Meals (FL)[/B] 5/GL$5,000[URL=“”]T D Houghton120[URL=“”]L R Reed5/1
Owners: 1 - Sandra J. Witherow; 2 - [URL=“”] Monica Krummen; 3 - [URL=“”] Anthony Farrior; 4 - FIRE Chief 5 - [URL=“”] Andy Sanchez and William Burchett; 6 - [URL=“”] Betty Lou Dodge; 7 - [URL=“”] Angel Theurer

Breeders: 1 - Sandra Witherow; 2 - Cloverleaf Farms II, LLC; 3 - James W. Green; 4 - Tex J Mullins; 5 - Emerald Pastures Corp.; 6 - J. Michael Baird & Seth Crocker; 7 - Dr. D. W. Frazier
Equipment Changes: 6 - Nomadikat - Blinkers On