Official Royal Wedding Liveblog


What channel is the best to watch this?


posh and becks are there!


x_x x_x :cool: :cool:


ugh limeys


What a shocker, it’s cloudy as hell in England.


I’m watching BBC America… no commercials, informed commentators… plus they’ve actually had the first shots of all the celebs - they probably got the best spots.

This is so exciting. Becks looks fantastic. My sister and I already had our PG Tips (the top selling British tea) and scones this morning. Unfortunately I’m not still in school, or I’d be having a sick party right now.

Also, it’s looking like Kate’s dress will be Alexander McQueen. Hopefully that means it’ll be amazing, as royals normally choose relative unknowns, plus it should be a bit less traditional.


CBC coverage is absolutely pathetic. I want to see some hooligans!


one hour!!!


lol @ these hats.


Breaking News

Catherine Walker is the designer!!!




Edit: She’s the designer of Carol Middleton’s dress… not Kate’s.




we we we so excited


St. James Cathedral >> Westminster Abbey

Just sayin’


She’s wearing yellow!!!


kate middleton watch upcoming!!!


Njrunz, thoughts on dress so far?


I love it so far. I was hoping for lots of lace, and that’s what it appears to be… it also seems to be a bit low cut :eek: And her hair’s down which is crazy. I can’t wait for a full view.

Edit: Pippa looks incredible.


I ****ing love television drinking games


OMG I love the dress. Absolutely beautiful… and the Queen’s tiara!