Official "rip on Canada" thread


Canada sucks.









Name three famous ppl who came from canada that arnt hockey players


Canada: America’s Hat.




Mike Weir, Alexander Graham Bell, Terry Fox, John Candy, Pamela Anderson, Romeo Dallaire (Dude ended the damn crisis in Rwanda), Jim Carrey, Neil Young…i could go on and on.

Oh yeah: America - Canada’s Ass.


throw away the ****tiness of america, keep the rest, and the result is canada


itt: unknown posters vouching for canada


John Candy, Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Harold Ramis and Dave Thomas come to mind.

Roberta Bondar, 1st Canadian Woman in space, Donovan Bailey, track n’ field, Fergunson Jenkins, John Molson, The founder of Molson Breweries, Marie-Joseph Angelique executed for setting the city of Montreal on fire, (this molsen is for you Marie), Terry Fox, Alexander Graham Bell, Peter Jennings, Captain Roy Brown shot down the Red Baron, George Lawrence Prince last soldier killed in WWI and Bat Masterson. Ok your right, point well taken.


Canada is that awkward nice kid on your xc team that nobody likes. BUT that kid is just so nice and outgoing that nobody has the heart to completely shun him despite the fact that you cringe every time he tries to talk to you. He is the kid that gives it his all and puts in a solid 600 mile summer only to post an 18:00 5k. But you know he is trying his darndest to make it to state.


Oh yeah? I’ll see your list of celebrities and raise you…

Tiger Woods(best golfer. ever), Ben Franklin (would own Bell in an inventing contest), Rick Fox (cmon. have you seen the man on DWTS?), Chris Farley (funnier and fatter), David Hasselhof (acted circles around Anderson in Baywatch), Lil Romeo (self explanatory), Mike Myers (wait. ****), and Neil Armstrong (First man on moon > Harvest Moon).



thats why we beat you in the war of 1812. and in the process of doing that, i’m pretty sure we burned down the white house? Canada 1, USA 0.


Justin Bieber : America’s Punishment for Miley Cyrus. 'Nuff said.


change we to England and then yeah


I have nothing against Canada, I just thought I would say Canada on Strike was just on.


actually, false. Canadian Militia.


skurey. my friends and i already owned you on facebook. lets not go that route again.