Official NASCAR 2012 Thread




It was sweet


I’ve never seen anything like it. It would be pretty hilarious if the rain came down now, ending the race via JET ENGINE FIRE.


I expected jbf to post in this thread. Disappointed


My most southern- like roommate who loves Nascar isn’t watching. My whole world is a lie.


Fire was crazy… best part of the race slightly ahead of the crash taking out jimmie johnson AND kurt bush on the second lap


We have video:

There are better angles that will be up soon, I’m sure.


Don’t forget Danica!


there really isnt a good angle of the crash, it is either right under the camera or across the turn. Also it is amusing to see brad keselowski tweeting from inside the race car during this red flag.


nooo… i like danica… kurt and jimmie both suck




Kevin Harvick FTW


“I don’t always watch NASCAR, but when I do, I prefer to have the track on fire.”

Is stole that but HILARIOUS!


10:30 p.m. ET

Video shows track worker running up the track to help driver of the jet-dryer truck just before the fire broke out. That guy deserves a bonus!

cant find the video… following it on cpu… roommates got the tv


As if ESPN would ever let that happen…


LOL they just caught Danica on camera heading to the infield. Pee break!


gonna start back up here in a few minutes


This is going to be an intense 40 laps.


we can only hope… happy harvick FTW… sittin pretty in 8th right now


I can guarantee at least 3 cautions including one big crash. I hope everyone stays safe.