Official Master Buy/Sell Thread 2.0


If I had to guess, 2013 pre classic


Spikes for sale - make offer:
*US Shipping only
*Specific details and photo upon request

Nike Mamba - Orange, Size 11 (Like new, in box)
Nike Mamba - Gator, Size 11 (Light use, in box)
Nike OG Victory - Ethio, Size 11 (Like new, in box, signed by Rupp and Lagat)
SOLD Nike OG Victory - Blue/White, Size 11 (Brand new, in box)
Nike OG Matumbo - Blue/Orange, Size 11 (Like new, in box)
Nike OG Matumbo - Chili, Size 11 (Used, in box)
SOLD Nike OG Matumbo - USA, Size 11 (Used)
Nike Lanang ST - White, Size 11 (Brand new)
Nike Lanang ST - Red/Yellow, Size 11 (Brand new, in box)
Nike Eldoret - Ethio, Size 11.5 (Brand new)
Nike Eldoret - USA, Size 11.5 (Like new)
Nike Eldoret - Navy/Red, Size 11.5 (Like new)
Nike Miler - USA, Size 11 (Brand new, in box)
Nike Miler - Black/Gold, Size 11.5 (Like new)
Nike Miler - Red/Black, Size 11.5 (Brand new, in box)
SOLD Nike Ventulus Plus - Neon Green, Size 11.5 (Brand new, in box)
Nike Kennedy’s (track) - Yellow, Size 11 (Used)
Nike Kennedy’s (track) - Black/Gold, Size 11.5 (Used)
Nike Original Zoom Rival (old school) - White, Size 11 (Like new)


Morocco :wink:


Brand new with box. Size 9. $360


That’s a fair price I sold a pair on eBay for $350 plus shipping but I think you’d have an easier time selling on eBay. Shoes are a hard sell bc smaller markets due to sizing


Going to do that as well. Just figured I would post here as well. Going through the collection today.


Large 2006 gold medalist singlet. $120.
Medium trail athlete issued zonal aeroshield. $150
Medium navy half tights SOLD


Looking for a medium 2011 singlet. Will pay very well.


Not trying to clog the thread but

Looking for Nike victory prototypes, preferable size 10.

Also if anyone is interested, I have couple pairs of Under Armour Split Shorts and tights size small.

And two Nike wind breakers s and medium, post pictures like 2 weeks ago on here.

And a pair of lanangs size 10 white and red, that I’m trying to move


Looking for 2016 pro half tights. DM me if anyone happens to have any on them.


Here’s the thing they are readily available, RS has them, endure365 has them, and track and field clothes has them.

Just look before you post. They run $100+

Sorry to rant.


Men’s Small-Medium NB Elite Kit.
Will sell the whole kit for $200 including postage!!!


Hey everyone,

So I’m selling a couple things over on ebay…

  • Nike Zoom Victory OG/USA Colourway 8.5US (Used for one 60m stride, too small)
  • Nike Aerofly Pro Elite Split shorts (Large worn once washed once, too big for me)

I have a buy now price set on both, but if you want to send me an offer, do so on eBay and say you’re from TT and ill consider lower offers :smile:



Looking for Matumbo 3 or OG in size 10.5


Nike victory spikes white/blk size 8 used, great condition
Nike victory 2 spikes blue/orange size 8.5 used twice
2x 2018 Nike pro shorts small NWT

DM for photos and with offers


Selling/Trading (for rare Vics/ Vic Elite 2s in size 9.5, or pro track gear in S or M). Prices include shipping to US, for international it will be +$10 to $20 depending on location. Shoot an offer if the price is not right!

New Size 10 White Victory Elite 2 , $110

New Size 10 Pink/Black Victory Elite 2 , $95

SOLD 9/2 New Size 10 Oreo Victory 2, $35

New Size 12 Pink/Black Victory Elite 2 , $40

New Size M Red Pro Competition Full Tights, 2012-2016 cycle, I still have 2 left. $35

SOLD 8/26 Auction: Used Size 8 OG Victory, Oregon. Starting at $100. You can shoot an offer through Tracktalk and if it’s sufficient, I can take down the ebay listing (as long as there’s no bids on it)

Used OG Vic Size 9. In great condition, no rips or tears. PM for more photos. $125

Used Matumbo 3, Size 9.5 chrome plate version. Used for just 15 miles, $45.

SOLD 8/28 Used NB RC5000 Size 9.5. 30 miles. Some rubber fell off right shoe, PM for more photos. $35

Materials for Flyknit Victory project Size 9.5, $80. The Victory (Sz 9.5) plate is well-worn, but the Flyknit Zoom (W Sz 11) is lightly used. The superglue is unused. The Matumbo 2 upper was from an old project, but you can use the laces. I never got around to finishing this project, you just have to remove the flyknit upper and glue it down to the Vic sole. The Flyknit Zoom upper appears slightly wider where it meets the insole than the regular Flyknit Racer upper, you will need to perform some shoe cobbling to get it to fit. Was planning on getting a CF shank from another shoe too, like the Vic XCs. I paid $23 worn vics + $55 flyknit zoom + $20 super glue, so you are coming out on top for this.

Anything you see on my eBay listings will be 10-20% cheaper through Tracktalk, just PM me.


Looking to sell these used Size 10 OC Matumbo 3s. They are well worn but have plenty of life left in them. Non chrome plate.
PM me if you want to see more pictures.

I’m looking for about $35, but am open to offers.


have a pair (maybe 2 pairs, cant remember) of BNIB size 10 zoom fly’s. i’m looking to trade them for size 10 zoom fly SP’s or size 10.5 zoom fly’s.


Currently have a “Nike 2017 Pro Distance Singlet” in size medium on eBay but willing to sell cheaper on here. Let me know if you’re interested and want more photos. Very good condition. Minor pinholes - hard to see them.


Hi all,

I am selling the following spikes, all US 10.5 and brand new. PM me if you are interested

OG Zoom Victory (black/volt) - $140 shipped, OBO

Zoom Victory Elite 2 (Rio) - $70 shipped, OBO

Saucony Carrera XC (red/black/citrus) - $35 shipped, OBO