Official Illinois TrackTalk Dominance Thread


Post whatever you want in here. Illinois needs to assert itself.


It is time us Illinoisans unite to capture the title of best state on TrackTalk!


Currently, we are 6 posts up on NJ! Atta way boys.


It is time to make our move!


Screw New Jersey! Mississippi Is Our Threat. They Have 10 Posts!! And Indiana Is Hot On Their Ass With 7!!!


Posting in epic thread


Thoroughly enjoyed the Papa Del’s pizza I ate in Champaign last week.
Did not enjoy the 90% humidity.


New Jersey got nothin on us.





151 views and only 9 replies?! Come on people!!!

In other news, my best friend left for college today, I’m sad :frowning:


You wasted you visit to Champaign if you didn’t stop at Fat Sandwich


all my friends are gonna be gone after this weekend and I’m stuck at home for another week. It sucks


Hot out there today. Again.


Yeah that’s no fun. It seems our situations are different, however. My friend is a year older than I am, along with 4 of my other great friends, which means he’s leaving and I am going into my senior year of high school. So I have to spend another year in the same place without all of them. I’m going to miss them :frowning:


wtf? somehow posts were deleted and now Illinois is 150 behind NJ. Moderator Conspiracy!


He’s right! Like 10 minutes ago we were winning.


The 3A Predictions thread vanished!


this is letsrun conspiracy all over again!


yah that does suck. im going to be a junior and i have 3 really good friends who are leaving next year as seniors