Official Golf Thread


Searched…there wasn’t one that I could see…only specific events.

Rory is tearing it up right now (-10)…padding the lead for his eventual choke?


I think hes finally gonna win this time around…


I’m tempted to say that, but that’s what I said last time. Then again, 2 of the 4 behind him are perennial choke artists Sergio Garcia and Zach Johnson.
EDIT: Hyperbole of course, those guys do have some nice wins


It’s Friday, let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Edit: However, I’d probably enjoy watching Rory meltdown again more than watching him blow the doors off the field.


i give rory a zero percent chance of winning the open. he wont choke he just wont keep the lead today. i see phil finally come through to win his first us open.


Don’t tease me :frowning:


Kid doesn’t have the poise yet to go toe to toe with the big boys in the 4th round. He may end up top ten, but I don’t think that he can pull it off just yet.


Seems like a pretty safe bet, considering he’s got a 10 stroke lead right now, but then again you never know…


I tried talking to the girl cutting my hair today about the US Open. It was a waste of time. She couldn’t understand what par meant.

That that was relevant.


After The Bieber/goat Text You Cut Your Hair!?!?!


Hmmm? Time to relax, have a few cocktails, and watch golf before work.


waiting for rory to blow it so I can make rory/lebron jokes


I don’t think he will blow it. That’ Masters meltdown clearly has not bothered him. He’s killing everyone. There is only one other person who was ever able to put up a lead like this, Tiger. The pressure is on everyone else.


The guy with the last name Gay is wearing pink pants. Hehe.


I have a huge mini golf tournament tomorrow.


o **** i might be down there


The word tournament is used very loosely for this event. It’s more or less a ****show.


well yea, i just wanna enjoy the festivities. Registration was full when I attempted to sign up.




Ya it fills up in like a week tops. I think there are 180 teams starting 10 each at the 18 bars/holes.