Official Gary Johnson 2012 Thread


He won’t win the nomination (because he’s too perfect), but this guy is my dream candidate. I will support him until the end, and I’ll probably write him in when the election comes.

Support Gary Johnson for President!

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Richardson > That guy


Climbing everest, doing ironman triathlons, running 100 miles through Colorado, this guy is badass. I wonder if he could hold his own in a 1 on 1 basketball game with Obama though.


Another Family Values Republican who is divorced.

Add him to the LONG ASS list topped by Newt.


of course Richardson is greater than me


Obama is great at basketball, for a president. For a black guy, he’s just “meh”.


He’s pretty good for his age.




Obama is only half black, the **** you want from him?

Imagine if Kobe ****ed Miley Cyrus. You think that Oreo has a chance in the NBA?

White guys suck at B-Ball. Case in point, Luke Walton.

Obama could probably dunk if he didn’t have the debt from W Bush weighting him down.


I am here if anyone wants to fight about politics, yet refuses to follow them.


I’m confused what about Gary Johnson makes him family values.


Do you disagree with him on any issues?


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Davy Jones, I still want answers! :mad: :slight_smile: