Official Dageu 100m thread



powell out with groin injury

i’m officialy depressed now :frowning: mens 100m is going to be boring…


Yes, it’s a bummer. BTW, I posted this on the ‘other’ thread - which is the ‘official’ thread??

Maybe the 4x1 will be a tad closer between Jam and US, providing the US figures out how to pass the baton?


Boards have been pretty slow - feel free to post in both repetitively!


My predictions:

  1. Bolt - 9.67
  2. Blake - 9.79
  3. Dix - 9.85


Bolt will win since powell is out


Bolt was going to win anyway, now it will just be easier for him.


Do you guys think that Christopher Lemaitre will make the final




I could see Lemaitre take a medal (a bronze one). He’s been getting faster all season, but will probably need a time under 9.90 to be in the mix


He has a much better shot in the 200. I don’t think he has a very good chance at a medal in the 100.


What time is the men’s 100 final going to take place tomorrow (EST?)? D:


It says 8:45 on the site, I’m not sure what time zone that is though


Just did the math based on the 400 Dec start time and what time it is now. 13 hour difference?

That means the 100 semis/final will be at about 5:30AM EST/7:45AM EST respectively. Someone correct me if my math sucks.


i am relatively certain that usain bolt is not human. He literally jogged the last 20 meters and still ran the fastest first round time. I was literally laughing as he crossed the finish line. He was also screwing around with the camara guy before the race, having a good time as always.


He’s Usain Bolt. Anyone who thought he wasn’t gonna win (even with all the competitors) was crazy IMO.


lol unless that happens


hearing 40,000-50,000 people simultaneously gasp at the same time is truly a weird experience. He definitely lost a lot of respect i had for him with his actions after the race. It wasnt quite jon drummund level, but it was pretty disgraceful. Dont know how much they showed on the feeds, but he ripped his shirt off immediately after, stormed off and just started punching at the curtain behind the track. Very childish.

On a more positive level, what a dominant performance by blake. I think it would have been a very close race between him and bolt, with bolt probably running 9.88 or so.


somehow I’m perfectly fine with what he did on and off the track.


Totally disagree. He was angry at himself, which is to be expected, but he did NOT complain and he did NOT delay the race. He left the track immediately and went to vent his anger elsewhere. My respect for him actually increased after seeing the replay a few times.


Agree with everyone else. He didn’t delay the race, and after his first reflex (throwing off the jersey) he kind of got out of the way. I hope that this spurs change and they go back to the one FS to the field rule.