Official 2017 XC Thread


About 4 weeks until racing starts. People are starting to make their prognostications.
Bill Meylan’s Individual Boys, and Individual Girls.
No surprise with Brodey Hasty and Claudia Lane.

New website Picking F-M Girls and Loudoun Valley, Va. Boys.

Haven’t heard from Watchout.


@steeple923 is it true that Brodey hastey isn’t running for his Brentwood team and instead running independent? What would be the reason to do that?


@steeple923 in his dyestat interview he said he trains with his club team including scott Thompson who ran 8:57 and 4:08 from his highschool (not bad for a junior as a number 2 runner to Brody who has run about 4 flat for 1600 meters and about 8:41-8:42 for 3200 meters as a junior). Can a club team compete at nxn if they are all from the same highschool. Meaning if Brody and scott Thompson don’t run for Brentwood (have no idea why not) and they recruit 3 other good kids from the high school to join the club can they run at nxn as a high school team even if a few of them never ran on the highschool team.


Bill Meylan has his Pre-Season up at Tullyrunners


Dyestat beginning to post their Regional Rankings:


Dyestat Boys Team Preseason Rankings


Katelen Tuohy new VCP record


Utah State Championships in the books. 1 month until NXN-SW.


Nice results from both the Boys and the Girls teams. Any meets between now and NXN-SW?


What’s the general framework for that month for recovery and training? Some CA teams have a compressed schedule, but you guys/gals have plenty of time.


We hold a small informal race called the Pre-Footlocker Invite at our place next Saturday.

Boys ran about 65 miles this week. 2 more weeks of Grind before the taper.


NXN Qualifiers:
Northwest- Girls: 1. Bozeman, 2. Jesuit
Boys: 1.Central Valley, 2. Kamiakin
Heartland- Girls: 1. Wayzata, 2.Edina
Boys: 1. Wayzata, 2. Middleton
Midwest- Girls: 1. Naperville North, 2.Yorkville
Boys: 1. Downers Grove North, 2. Carmel
Southwest- Girls: 1. Battle Mountain, 2.Mountain Vista At-Large: Broomfield
Boys: 1. Mountain Vista, 2. Springville At-Large: Timpanogos, At-large: Desert Vista
South- Girls: 1. Southlake Carroll, 2.Keller
Boys: 1. Flower Mound, 2. Southlake Carroll
Southeast- Girls: 1. Cardinal Gibbons, 2.duPont Manuel, At-large: Blacksburg
Boys: 1. Loudoun Valley, 2, Bolles, At-Large: Green Hope
Northeast- Girls: 1.Hunterdon, Kingsway
Boys: 1. Xavier, 2. CBA
New York- Girls: 1. Fayetteville-Manlius, 2.Liverpool, At-large: Saratoga Springs
Boys: 1. Fayetteville-Manlius, 2. Corning
California- Girls: 1. Great Oak, 2.Buchanan At-Large: Claremont
Boys: 1. Great Oak, 2. Roosevelt , At-large: .St. Francis Mountain View