Official 2012 MLB Thread


Go Cubs!


Did people forget the 2011 season is over?

Pujols signs second largest deal in MLB history with Angels 10 years $254 million dollars.

What’s even more impressive is that after that they were still able to sign CJ Wilson. A guy I was hoping the Cubs would get but am not too upset.


Cubs trade Tyler Colvin for two biggest scrubs ever!

I’m so upset!

“Colorado scouts feel he is closer to the player who hit 20 home runs in 350 at-bats during the 2010 season as opposed to the one who hit .150 with six homers last season.”

So did I! did I!


The Cubs are like 5+ good players away from contending. No use wasting time on guys like Wilson for now IMO.

Even without Pujols the Cardinals will be a better regular season team than last year IMO with Wainwright. They should run away with the central, especially if they sign a leadoff hitter.


ryan braun apparently pops positive for steroids.


“I would never take steroids. If I did, I would hit 60 or 70 home runs.” -Ryan Braun

“Our minor-league testing program is in its ninth year, and that means all of the great young players in baseball, from Ryan Howard to Ryan Braun, have all been tested for nine years. There’s a system in place, and it’s working. We know we have the toughest testing system in major-league sports.” -Bud Selig



Braun will not get a huge backlash for testing positive like McGwire, Sosa, Bonds etc for a couple of reasons. One, he isn’t breaking any Babe Ruth records. People freak out when that happens. And two, he’s jewish and the media will be a lot easier on him than on a black or white or really anything else.


his perception around milwaukee has already taken a massive hit since the news broke.


he is claiming extenuating circumstances, i would laugh if it had something to do with kosher products.


Aramis Ramirez leaves Cubs for Brewers.

I feel bad for the Brewers.


He’ll probably try there and become an All-Star.


If they don’t take away Braun’s MVP the MLB will officially be a joke to me.


Can’t take away what already happened. Besides, what happens if you take it away from Braun, give it to Kemp, and then Kemp fails a test in a few months? Cheating or not cheating, Braun was MVP last season, and a failed test doesn’t take that away.


Tell that to Marion Jones.


didn’t realize she played Major League Baseball


NCAA took away Reggie Bush’s heisman several years after he won it when they found out he had accepted money and stuff.


So awards won with the use of PED’s should be kept by the offender, so long as the sport is Major League Baseball. Gotcha.


baseball is a ‘cheater’ sport and it ALWAYS will be. Get used to it. The benefits of PEDs in baseball are easily worth the risk to the players, and the performance benefits are staggering. As such, the best players who win the awards in baseball will be guys who use PEDs.


You’re acting like I’m not aware that everyone uses PED’s in Baseball, which is not the case. But the MLB has to at least act like it cares about this issue. It’s obviously a really touchy subject with baseball, and to let something like this fly by without at least the smallest effort to do anything about it is pretty much the MLB’s way of giving up on stopping steroid use, regardless of how impossible that eventual feat is.

Matt Kemp deserves to be the MVP now. Do I think he used PED’s? Yes. But he has not failed a drug test like Braun has.


i just don’t like the idea of taking something away after the fact. it’s stupid. it’s like when the NCAA vacates wins and tournament appearances because of a recruiting violation or something. was there a violation? yes, but that doesn’t change what actually happened in the games.