Obama For President 2012


Just thought I’d go ahead and get the campaign started on here.


who are some early frontrunners for the republican nomination?


Romney, Palin, Indian guy? I forget his name but he made headlines for a **** up a year ago.



Do you guys think Obama will be reelected? I feel like a lot of people aren’t happy with what he’s done but I don’t feel like anyone from the Republican party is strong enough to overtake him and the country would rather give Obama another chance.


i think one, bad luck with the whole BP thing. and i’m hesitant to play the blame game on the bush administration cuz you can blame almost anything on any prior presidency. i think the likelihood he gets reelected is inversely related to the unemployment rate


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God I hope Palin gets it.

That’d be a TRAINWRECK and a fun one to watch at that.



I think that if the Republicans can produce a legitimate candidate, then it could be an interesting race, but I really don’t see who that could be. It would be HILARIOUS if Palin ran.


If Palin runs it is all wrapped up who wins the race. Obama would get that easy.


In all seriousness, I think Obama will win based on the fact that that:

  1. Palin will probably get the Republican Nomination
  2. Palin will not appeal to moderate republicans and independents
  3. Obama will inevitably get more votes as those people choose to not vote for anyone (or a non-factor candidate)


i really hope a third party rises to power this time. i can’t stand the two party system and how people follow them like sheep.


agree so much but it’s never going to happen


For my vote, it all depends on who gets the nomination.

If Palin gets it, I’ll be all like “wtf guys, you complained about Obama winning on charisma alone, and now you do this?” And I’d be torn between throwing away a vote (3rd party), not voting (and feeling a little guilty), or voting for Obama (cause I like him a lot more than most liberal politicians).

If Romney gets it, I’d probably vote for him.

If a Libertarian candidate comes up with decent support, then I will shed tears of joy and pride, then vote for her/him.

Edit: I scrolled up and read SteveU’s post. You hit it right on with the moderates who usually vote Republican. I really, really hope Palin doesn’t get the nomination.


You all underestimate Palin. Rule #1 in political debates: don’t believe your own propaganda. She isn’t as bad as your smear machine makes her out to be. She won’t be as easy to beat as you think. Most Republicans sympathize with Palin, and think she’s a good person, but don’t necessarily think she would be the best candidate.

Who the Republican nominee is will depend on what Hillary does. Huh? You say. Here’s why.

If Hillary decides to challenge Obama in the primary, then Democrats will vote in their own primary to choose the Democrat nominee. If that happens then the Republican nominee will be chosen by Republicans and it will probably be Romney or Christie or someone like that. EDIT: IF Hillary challenges Obama, Obama will probably lose because many Republicans would cross over to vote for Hillary.

However, if Hillary doesn’t challenge Obama, and there is no Democrat primary, then the Democrats will be voting in the Republican primary and they will choose the Republican nominee. Since ALL Democrats believe Palin would be the easiest to beat, they would all vote for Palin, and if she ran, she would win.

Regardless of what happens, Obama has almost no chance of winning a fair election 2012. Everything he is doing will continue to destroy the economy and things will not be getting any better for at least 3.5 more years. He will try to blame it on the Republican House that will take over in the fall, but that won’t fool enough people to win. There will be a LOT of suffering Democrats who will want to see a change… for the better this time.


You haven’t addressed the moderates. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how you can think the moderate republicans (who at least last election were scared to death by Palin) and the independents will vote for Palin.


I refudiate this statement.

Aside from her ass, please explain to me what she brings to the table.

I am a moderate. I would have likely voted for McCain if he’d been himself…AND hadn’t brought this numbnut on board.

Please list her positives.

(don’t forget to refer to your “Rule #1”)


Quite aside from your politics for the moment, this is a terrible analysis. No way Clinton runs and wins. I would give 10 to 1 odds against her running, and 50 to 1 against her winning the nomination.

Crossover votes in primaries rarely affect the outcome - and then only if the outcome is marginal. If there were large numbers of Democrats voting in the Republican primary (which is not possible in many states - i.e. those with closed primaries and caucuses), there would be many who would make the opposite calculation, something like “Romney [or whoever] is the least bad candidate of the bunch.”