NYC Diamond League 2013


provisional lists up:


The diamond league sites load very slowly for me. Too much going on with loading flash movies and using iframes to render pages. Below are the static startlist files being framed in. Should load a ton faster!


M HS Dream Mile:
W HS Dream Mile:


Anybody else do the IAAF Fantasy League and know why this meet is part of the fantasy series?


Because it’s a DL meet?


Oops, meant to say ‘isn’t’.


Excited for the Taylor/Idowu battle in triple jump. It will still be early for both of them, but Taylor jumped 17.12 at Drake a month ago, so I’m hoping he could maybe get in the mid 17s. I also look forward to Idowu getting over whatever injuries/miscellaneous things were bugging him last year.


Ah. Well in any case, it is in the fantasy series.


That changed sometime today… It had said that entries were closed until the 25th which is when this meet is.