NY 5th Ave Mile predictions


Under a week to go, predictions for elite men/women? Start list here:


I have a feeling Symmonds could win it, purely because of his recent form. That said I am not that confident. I suppose Lagat would be my second choice. Womens I think Simpson.


Torrence has looked good of late and always likes a good road mile.

Symmonds will not win as he will either:

A. Stop every quarter mile for a beer
B. Stop every quarter mile because he thinks he sees Paris Hilton
C. Stop at the half way mark because he sees a tatoo parlor and stops in to see if they want to sponsor him
D. Start juggling at the start line and continue as the race begins because he is an “entertainer”


Uceny over Simpson because she will not be tweeting along the way. England in third.
Torrence Lagat & Lomong We’ll have to send it to the photo evaluation panel to sort out.
Write-in vote for any of the Gag’s Gang athletes . David Monte is a very good athlete wrangler but he missed a chance to put some very good locally based runners in the spotlight.

If we were betting: Garrett Heath and Violah Lagat at ten to one or longer they would get my two dollars.


I like Torrance and Simpson. Heath is my second choice followed by Lagat. I don’t know if Symmonds will do all that well but he could surprise too.


I enjoyed that, kingcoe.


This is always a weird race to predict. End of season, straight shot that messes with some guys knowing exactly where they’re at, etc. Really just a novelty race, albeit a fun, competitive and lucrative novelty.


Hopefully Mr. Symmonds would too.

Totally not trying to make fun of him, just to make light and hopefully add a chuckle to some folks’ day.

I am, and have always been, a Nick Symmonds fan.

( I do still have to admit - again - I never thought he would get this good. I never expected sub 1:43 let alone almost twice )


Minnesota for the sweep…

Gabe grabs the women’s title and one of the three guys take the men’s title…this is total homer, but looking at their recent form it could happen.

really fun field on the men’s side, just about any of them could win it.


Same, I have slowly grown into a fan of him however. I even paid to watch Driven on flotrack, which is uncharacteristic of me to say the least.


Can Heath and Uceny repeat on this side of the pond? If they do I’ll be correct!