Now that the college season


…is a wrap, I don’t think this will get in the way.

As we know there are/has been a lot of track athletes in the NFL, tons actually. But just who were these guys? Well you are about to find out:D

All the sprinters were sub 9.5/10.40. The hurdlers sub 14.00, the long jumpers were all over 26 feet. Will go with their school not their NFL team.


Renaldo Nehemiah Maryland
Rod Woodson Purdue
James Owens UCLA
Earl McCullouch USC
Reyna Thompson Baylor
Willie Gault Tenn
Gene Washington Mich St
Jerry Tarr Oregon
Milt Campbell (yep!) Indiana
Richmond Flowers Tenn
Quadry Ismail Syracuse
Tyrone Wheatley Mich
Mel Renfro Oregon
Bennie McRae Mich

Long Jump

Eric Metcalf Texas
James Lofton Stanford
James McAlister UCLA
Vance Johnson Arizona
Chris Sanders Ohio State
Latin Berry Oregon
Bo Roberson Cornell
Johnny Hector Tex A&M
Paul Warfield Ohio State


Buddy Young (all 5-5 of him) Illinois
Ollie Matson U of SF
Bob Boyd Loyola…the first super fast wide receiver, NCAA 100 champ
Bob Hayes FAMU
Henry Carr ASU
Frank Budd Villanova
Ray Norton SJS
Jimmy Hines TSU
Tommie Smith SJS
Homer Jones TSU
Mel Gray Mo
Isacc Curtis Cal/SDS
Deion Sanders FSU
Bo Jackson Auburn
Tim Dwight Iowa
John Roderick SMU
Mark Duper NWLa
J.D.Hilll ASU
O.J.Simpson USC
Willie Gault Tenn
Ron Brown ASU
Phil Epps TCU
Cecil Turner CPSLO
James Jett WV
Sam Graddy Tenn
Charlie Frazier TSU
Johnny Jones Texas
Curtis Conway USC
Herkie Walls Texas
Anthony Miller Tenn
Michael Haynes No Ariz
Mike Miler Tenn
James Trapp Clemson
Cliff Branch Colorado
Alvis Whitted NCSt
Willie McGee Alcorn
Gerald Tinker Kent ST
Larry Burton Purdue
Len Willis Ohio St
Clyde Glosson Texas Western (UTEP)
Pat Johnson Oregon
Sammie Parker Oregon
Tony Jones Texas
Jacoby Ford Clemson
Jamaal Charles Texas
Curtis Dickey Tex A&M
James Trapp Clemson
Darrel Green Tex A&I
Trindon Holiday LSU
Michael Bennett Wisconsin
Herschel Walker Georgia
Cyril Pinder Illinois
Andrew Hopkins SFAustin
Joe Delaney NWLa
Darin Nelson Stanford
Stone Johnson Grambling
Travis Williams ASU
Butch Woolfolk Michigan
Terrence Newman KSU
Eugene White FAMU

All these 400 guys in at sub 46.00

Jerry Thomas Baylor
Tommie Smith SJS
Rod Barksdale Ariz
Rod Jones SMU…once ran down Bo Jackson
Russell Carter SMU
Terry McDaneil Tenn
Glenn Davis Ohio State
Ollie Matson U of SF

If anyone has a few I missed…