Novak in Pre two Mile


Not sure if anyone saw this, but I saw Rob Novak’s name in two mile at Pre and not listed under “pace”

That could just be typo, as maybe he is assisting

If not, and he is running it, great to see him broadening horizons from 800 all the way up to two miles, will only help his 1500/mile as well.


Maybe he is there to get Verzbikas to the mile in 4:16 as the rest of the field will be going through under 4:10.


Not sure I see Rob or Gags even though Gags has former affiliation there ,going to West Coast again for something like that at all. Not with U.S. Nats approaching.

Rob is in the next tier of very very good runners right now at 1:46.01 and 3:40.xx

I doubt he is in for HS pace setting, just my opinion, but oi that is that case I find that even more disturbing, that a race of this stature would PAY a pro , a pro, to do pace setting for a HS record.

Even though Nelson was in a Pro race when he ran his mark, it was within context of the event, no extra helpers.

I hope this is not the case.


Novak could simply be rabbiting the elites through 1200m+.

That seems to be the most likely scenario.


Could be , but they seem to have all pace setters noted in the entry list?

Then again, that List does not have Wheating in anything, nor Rupp in 10K


nah jeff see is doin that


1:46 isn’t that great. He is probably just making money!!


I have seen yert ANOTHER list that no longer has Rob in the field, there have been several versions of this start list…DF_English.pdf


Liam Boyett-Pett was pacing Verzbicas back in winter when he was going for the indoor two mile record. He’s in the same tier as Novak, i’d say.


Not really

Novak has run 3:40.xx and 1:46.01

Boylan Pett 3:59.40 and 1:49.07 from scratch and both are Indoor marks

best 1500 is 3:43.xx


Liam has some 1:46 splits pretty sure…

and on here

his 800m open is 1:48.2

In 2010 Pett beat Novak in a 1500m both ran 3:40


well there ya go. I used IAAF bio info, whic is obviously not updated.



from CBatch … Rob isn’t going to Pre but will be at West Chester Distance Festival at Henderson HS

apparently some good elite fields assembled


LBP split 1:46.0 at Penn on the anchor of the 4x8 in 2009.


from Colin:

Novak won the 800 at that West Chester Elite meet at Henderson with a 1:47.60

Brian Tetreault 1:50.39 & the fastest i know of from him previously was a 1:53.91 from last spring in some low-key meet @ Princeton, so great PR there


From the Henderson Distance Festival:

Men 800 Meter Run

Name Year Team Seed Finals Points

1 Novak, Rob Unattached 1:46.01 1:47.60
2 Roach, Patrick Unattached 1:47.60 1:48.83
3 Tetrault, Brian Unattached 1:50.00 1:50.39
4 Cho, Hong Wissahickon 1:50.92 1:50.41
5 McEntee, Sam Unattached 1:49.50 1:51.05
6 Willig, Ned Great Valley 1:51.50 1:51.10
7 Walsh, Aiden Unattached 1:51.22 1:51.44
8 Fitsimons, Chris Unattached 1:49.01 1:51.80
9 Crits, Nick Unattached 1:50.01 1:52.49
10 Erickson, Jon Unattached 1:49.90 1:54.06
11 Perozze, Vince Unattached 1:52.50 1:54.15
12 Holder, Ryun Unattached 1:54.35 1:56.13
13 Witmer, Eric Conestoga Va 1:54.20 1:56.46
14 Capecci, Joseph Unattached 1:53.00 1:57.24
15 Garrity, Chris Cardinal O H 1:54.75 1:57.32
16 Day, Kevin Unattached 1:52.00 1:57.64
17 Faith, James Unattached 1:54.00 1:57.80
18 Joniec, Joe Father Judge 1:57.96 1:59.48
19 Cassey, Craig Penncrest 1:54.00 2:02.32
20 Ulatowski, Evan Unattached 1:55.00 2:02.34


Big run from Tetrault

I hope he comes back for his 5th year, as he is really improved and has done some really nice things lately.

Very similar to Mike Kerrigan’s timeline of improvement.

Brian will go sub 4:00 and join long line of Nova guys under 4:00, if he comes back, in my opinion.