Nodine guess who is racing at cwu 2morrow?this guy


i better see your crippled self there


wish I could go this year…I hate working on the weekends!


I’ll be there


sweet yeah im running the 15…was gonna do it at montana but my ride bailed on me. We need to grab some food afterwards and hit on some high schoolers


Do you want to go swim in the lake? I have done that the last 2 days and I think it would be awesome it is cold but sweet.


dude after my race most def!!! that would be soooooo legit. Ill have to double check with the guy I got to drive me but im sure it will be ok


great rope swim and no crowd as it is “too cold”

I’ll probably just volunteer some of the day so the later part we can chill


sounds good man…see you tomorrow