NJAC: New Jersey Athletic Conference Thread


I figured it would be cool to talk about meets, stats, etc. in the conference…


Very timely thread starting.



Any thoughts? This looks to be a promising year for Rowan as they return a lot of their top 7 (I believe they graduated 2, I could be wrong though), especially their top returner Dubois who finished 45th at XC Nats and had a great indoor/outdoor season in which he ran 14:47 on the track. They’re also bringing in a good recruit in Rob Rawls who had a very good spring season. On the flip side, what’s TCNJ doing? Is Nihen returning for his final season of eligibility or will he be forgoing it? If he is not returning, it looks very likely that TCNJ will not be able to make it their 18th straight win. If he is, though, he is obviously in contention to win individually as well as propel his team to possibly another title. It should be an interesting year!


Apparently Dubois is doing 100 mile weeks now so he’ll prob win individually. In addition I heard Nihen will be doing xc but not track. Also, I think that TCNJ doesn’t know whats coming. Rowan and Rutgers Camden are Growing stronger than ever, RUC has a Junior, Alec Connely that has his sights on Nationals and the whole team is training alot better than they were last year. I am on the Rutgers Camden team and I am not saying this just because I am on the team and we want to win, but I think that there will definitely be some upsets by rowan and Rutgers Camden… Rob Rawls will be dangerous in the conference too. Stockton will be “ok” now that they lost their number one guy… there will be much more detail as the season goes on but this season will bring many surprises and excitement!


nice article http://www.nj.com/gloucester-sports/index.ssf/2011/08/rowan_womens_cross_country_poi.html


I can ASSURE you Rowan won’t be within 10 points of TCNJ at NJACs. Ever hear of Rob Nihen? He was right up with Dubois all track season and even beat him in the 5k. I’ve also heard Rowan’s 2nd guy has a stress fx now, which will put them back even more.

Rutgers-Camden will probably be competing for 2nd with Rowan. We can only hope 5 teams from the region go to nationals.


Rob is a great runner but, like most other TCNJ athletes in the past (not saying that ONLY TCNJ runners get injured, just using them specifically in this instance), he has been prone to injury. I only mention this because it seems as though they had multiple guys sidelined throughout all three seasons who could’ve been contenders in the big meets. Either way, what is everyone else doing from TCNJ’s team? Andy Herschman (sorry if I butchered the spelling) had a good indoor/spring season after being out of the mix in XC, but other than that who do they have? They may have some depth but I haven’t seen anything considerably impressive from any other member than Nihen or Herschman. Now on the matter of Nihen v. DuBois, the latter has shown considerable prowess on the course, as opposed to Nihen who seems to be more of a track guy, though no slouch at XC. It should shape up to be a great individual battle with that #3 spot wide open. I think the team battle will be much closer than anyone currently expects just because Rowan and TCNJ have sheer numbers on their side, as opposed to smaller teams like Ramapo and RUC, for example. This is arguably the most “wide-open” year in a while for the NJAC because for once it is not set in stone that TCNJ has the BEST guys in the conference.


Good luck to the NJAC runners competing tomorrow, not exactly ideal conditions, will make for a hell of race. I could absolutely see the Rowan men ending TCNJ’s 17-year streak tomorrow.


Results: Stockton Athletics - Cross Country - NJAC Championships 10/29/11

TCNJ men win and keep the title in Ewing for another year. Rowan women win over TCNJ.

It stinks how few teams are left in the conference now. Only 6 womens team in the field … we had bigger batch meets just in Mercer.


I like how they did exactly that.


10 points exactly. Not even close. Onto the next one…

I’ll admit I was a little surprised by Rowan’s number one runner winning the race, but they fell apart after that. Their 3 guy should have been higher up and their 4 guy was sat out.

TCNJ has a good shot at finishing things up at Nationals.