NJAC Championships


Stockton’s first individual champion. TCNJ over Rowan


Race went out really slow from what I’ve heard. There was a tight boys pack until about 1.5 left to go before Abad broke away.

On the girl’s side, TCNJ pulls out a win over Rowan.



Congrats to TCNJ and Phil Jennings with keeping the tradition going. TCNJ women have won 27 out of the 30 years of the conference champ, and it looked like Rowan was going to win based on earlier results from the season. Good job with the TCNJ women putting it together today. And of course the men keeping their streak going since 94. Nice job Lions.


The tradition for Trenton State College , now TCNJ, started in 1965 when we won the 1st Conference XC Championship for the school and went on to win all four of my years as an Undergrad . Congrats to the coaches and athletes at a great school.
Dean Shonts Class of 69


Looks like Rowan’s freshman, Gabby Pendergast, had a sub par race. If she was where she should have been, the girl race would have been very close. It will be interesting to see what happens at Regionals.


With this years win, that gives TCNJ 22 wins (on the guys side at least)… tied with Rowan… I really want to see Rowan start winning again soon… It’s been 17 years in a row now for TCNJ… And good for them… must be quite a good program… But my loyalties are with Rowan.


Phil Jennings is a great guy and a great coach. Great to see both the men’s and women’s squads continue their streaks especially when it looked like the women were going to lose to rowan this year. Big race out of freshman dominic tasco to help the men secure the victory.


So who won the other 2 years and when where they?
Do you have a list of winners?


Check out…

Here are past team champions: http://www.njacsports.com/sports/2009/8/13/sidebar_360.aspx?path=mcross

and NJAC’s website for Men’s Cross Country: http://www.njacsports.com/index.aspx?tab=menscrosscountry&path=mcross


Here is the list of the past team champions


the strange thing is as good as TCNJ & Rowan have been, no NJAC school has placed in the top 5 at NCAA Division 3 XC since Glassboro State in 1982 – they were third with 105 points, behind North Central (51) and Brandeis (89).

who was on that team? bob pyott? both of the deckert twins? anybody remember who else?


I think Greg Rapp and Bob Rimkus were on that team as Ringo Adamson the current coach had graduated


I know you just are referring to the men’s programs, because my wife will get upset if you forgot the TCNJ women 2nd place showing in 99. Her plaque sits next to my glorious Crossing 10k plates that I won one of those years.

TCNJ men did have a couple of regional championships in recent years, so it’s not all bad stuff.


rapp,o’brian,rimkus,graffeo,hernandez,kielbowiez,and haney they scored 2,17,21,23,42,46,110 pyott was still in h.s.