NJ State MOC 800M Results


In just an insane display of running on a flat 200M Track that is good for a flat track, but it is flat:

This is without Ben Malone who ran Millrose and won.

800-METER RUN: 1-Isaac Clark, Pleasantville, 1:51.72 meet record; former record 1:52.24 Allen Eke, Union Catholic, 2012. 2-Derrell Manhertz, Kingsway, 1:51.80. 3-Jacob Clark, Pleasantville, 1:52.15. 4-Ishmael Muhammad, Oakcrest, 1:53.68. 5-James Buser, Mahway, 1:53.90 6-Eddison Gulama, West Windsor South, 1:54.43.

5 guys under 1:54 flat


Always interesting to see how 200m flat track times compare to oversized/banked track times. Using the NCAA Conversion Charts this is what you’d get if the 800m times (in seconds) were multiplied by .9859:

                                     200m    | Oversized   
1-Isaac Clark, Pleasantville,      1:51.72M == 1:50.14M
2-Derrell Manhertz, Kingsway,      1:51.80  == 1:50.22
3-Jacob Clark, Pleasantville,      1:52.15  == 1:50.57
4-Ishmael Muhammad, Oakcrest,      1:53.68  == 1:52.08
5-James Buser, Mahway,             1:53.90  == 1:52.29
6-Eddison Gulama, W-Windsor South, 1:54.43  == 1:52.82


Is that to oversized or banked or is it the same for both?


that is just some spectacular running on a track that i didn’t think was that fast.
hey, wait a minute. you don’t suppose it shrunk during the storm and no one bothered to remeasure it???
i knew the pleasantville guys were very good but those other performances were really impressive. congratulations to all those guys.


Apparently the .9859 coefficient takes the mens 800 times from “200m flat” to “oversized/banked” according to the NCAA Indoor Track Facility Indexing Conversion Summary.