NJ @ Millrose


Former Pleasantville HS standout Nia Ali takes 3rd in the Womens 60H (8.04)

Earlier, Torie Robinson of Winslow Twp. finished 2nd in the HS Girls 55m in 7.06

Also before the telecast

  • Eastern College Womens 4x4 Rutgers wins with 3:43.04


Columbia just ran 1:38.99 in the 4x2!

also … Chris Cox led off the winning club 4x2, which ran 1:27.01


Columbia’s time is a new US #1


Luke Gavigan (not NJ) wins the mile in 4:08.96, fastest since you-know-who (NJ) in 1976.


I did see a guy in a Paramus Catholic jacket throwing batteries at Gavigan on the last lap.


38.73 for Baker in the 300, back in fifth

nice shout-out to Ajee Wilson during the interview with Mary Cain, who is awfully well-spoken and engaging.


Lambo has that as state record?

I thought McLaughlin had run 38.55 or am I wrong?


You are correct. 38.55 at Bishop Loughlin


Ajee Wilson wins 800m in 2:01.81


2:01.83 is an indoor PR for Ajee

she looked so comfortable, didn’t she? nice win for her

previous indoor PR 2:02.64.


Robby Andrews in 5th for the Mel Sheppard 1000m in 2:20.57


Deptford native :slight_smile:


Nice Will Leer!


Baker also anchored that US #1 4x200 and will anchor their 4x400.


Show off :slight_smile:


I’m thinking that 1:38.99 is a state indoor record?

am I missing anything?


Andrews , never engaged in the race yet again, he was by in about 1:52-53?

Something is still very amiss.


Good rebound for Ajee Wilson after a tough race in Boston. Too bad there wasn’t someone else in the race to maybe give her a shot at going under two flat. She looked very comfortable and poised and seemed confident she could beat any of the others in the race. The kid from Iceland ran pretty well for a youngster but needs to work on her form. Hope the supposed pacemaker doesn’t get paid.


Should be correct
I have 1:39.74 from 2003 (Franklin Twp)
Can’t find faster since


How about Amy Van Alstine winning USA cross over Simpson. Huge win!!!