Nike for sprinters?


Which men’s running shoes are good for sprinters during practice? Prefer Nikes, but open to other brands. Will be running 100, 200 and 400.
The past 2 years. he has been wearing Nike Revolution 2. But want something else this year.


This really didn’t need a new thread, but structures are a really good running shoe. I really like them.


since you wear revolutions you are definitely an noob. you should try to rivals, because you are an noob. and also you probably shouldn’t practice sprints in structures, because that doesn’t make any sense.

go to a running store and buy real shoes, ask the people what they recommend and hopefully they aren’t neanderthals. don’t buy your running shoes at sports authority modell’s or dicks because then you end up with revolutions which aren’t even actual running shoes.


And what exactly is wrong with sprint training in structures? Just go with whatever you think feels comfortable. You can sprint train in anything you like.


I’m a personal fan of using the Pegasus 30s or 31s, Lunarglide 6s. The Zoom Flys are a good, solid platform shoe for sprint training. It depends on what you want. I’m with Coops, go with what’s comfortable and what works for you. Just providing you with some options!!


Far from a noob. and we don’t shop those stores. Nobody here practices in spikes. Haven’t in over 10 years. The past 2 years with the revolutions have done use good. Got us to state. So we can’t complain.


Thanks it has gotten us to state. Looking for something else this year. So thought I would ask others what they like.


Thank you very much!


Absolutely no reason to be a dick like that. Also, it would be “a” noob, not “an” noob. Here, I’ll use it in a sentence- "Someone on TrackTalk was being A dick to A poster, despite being A noob who can’t break 4:30 in AN indoor or outdoor mile.


This is brilliant…


It’s that time of the month for Nolan guys. Watch out.


Not sure where you got Nolan’s times from, but to my knowledge Nolan has run at least 4:24.

That being said, just let the argument diffuse. No need for either of you to start boasting about times on an internet web forum.


Here we go again. xnr7 ruling the world. ILY xnr7


Can’t tell if joking, but I’ll take it :rolleyes:

EDIT: fixed


Fair enough, good point. 4:34, 4:24, 4:04, 3:54…shouldn’t matter at all, the point should have just been “don’t be a dick”. Sorry about that.


but teh structurezzzz guys noobbzz train in demmzzz


In all honesty I love structures soooooooo


Hahaha I tried to make it seem non-sarcastic. You fixed it up <3


I mean, by all accounts Rupp is a noob. Couldn’t even make it through one winter season. :rolleyes:


Uh oh