Nike Flyknit Racers from Aliexpress...should I buy?


I found these shoes on Aliexpress (A Chinese website) today. I’m very intrigued and very curious as well. I have purchased many things from this site and have never had a problem. While I am assuming they are fake, I wonder how good the quality is. Based on the feedback, part of me wants to believe that these are real…they just somehow got stolen off the assembly line. I purchased “knock off” raybans from this site and I am 99.99% sure that they are authentic (I had them appraised by a glasses specialist)

Should I crack and buy a pair of these???


I don’t think I would EVER buy anything from Aliexpress. But that’s just me…you seem to have one up on my attitude toward it having actually made purchases.

What is the regular price on Flynit Racers?


They are literally impossible to find in a size 9.5. I think they retail for $150 but the cheapest you can find them for on ebay is like $190


It looks like a wearable shoe. Just remember that the country you are ordering from has an infamous production model that vastly differs from the Western world. Piracy is only one side of the story. Quality control is another.

My most favorite example below: