Nike 2018


Running Warehouse has a restock! I got mine, go get yours! VS athletics cancelled my order from yesterday as they were out of stock.


Grabbed a pair in 11.5, hoping they fit. I train in 11.5 for nike but I like my trainers tight. 11.5 In OG Vics was just a tiny bit too big for me but it seems like the vic 3 onwards has been smaller.


Is there an explanation for what the hell happened to the Mamba 4?


The Mamba 3 was so pitiful that they wanted to distance the next generation from it as much as possible. :joy:



Can confirm they are a tight fit like the vic 3.


Already out of 10.5… I can’t believe I missed it.

I wore 10.5 in the Vic 3/Vic 2 elite. They were snug enough that they couldn’t be any smaller, so perfect. Would I be ok in an 11 for the mamba V?


Got my Mambas today, and the fit is definitely similar to the Vic 3. The Mamba doesn’t feel as tight on me though; the shape is very similar but the upper just feels a little “deeper” than the Vic 3. I’m excited to run some strides in them tomorrow, they feel awesome.


I’m sorry mate I probably took the last one haha. I would say the vic 3 and mamba fit the same. The only difference is there prob a little more room on the sides and mid foot but the toe box is crammed like the 3s. There is also like a toe counter or what ever you call that, at the edge of the shoe to make sure you don’t bust a hole. I hate those! Let me bust a hole then I can wear smaller sizes. Sorry if I created confusion


Just hoping the upper material is better so the insides don’t rip like on my vic elite 1s :frowning:


Anyone on here still interested in buying Nike spikes? Have a bunch of OG Milers, Victory, Matumbo, etc. Haven’t been on here in ages, just looking to clear out a bunch of stuff. PM me if interested, most are Men’s size 11/12, from the late 2000’s, early 2010’s, new in box.


I’m sure people would be interested, just make sure to post in the master buying thread


All I can say is wow. Slipped on the Mamba’s for the first time today for some strides. Felt very similar to OG vics. Upper is extremely comfortable (went my usual nike spike size which is a half size down from my trainer size, but I personally like my spikes on the tighter side). Put them through a couple different paces and I thought they preformed extremely well. Super happy to finally have a replacement for the OG’s. Ascetics wise they’re also pretty sexy so thats a plus. Was pretty disappointed in the Vic Elite 2’s when I used them. Never felt aggressive enough for me when I wanted to really get going at then end of 800s and miles. Even without the carbon shank in the Mamba I felt that the shape of the plate was better for really getting after it when you needed to. This is all just IMO but I think Nike really outdid themselves this time around. Hopefully they will be releasing some more fire colorways in the future (mismatched lol). Interested hear what you guys think about them!


Quick question: what were your thoughts on the heel counter? I haven’t done strides but I’ve been trying mine on. I’m worried that if I bend the heel too much while taking my spikes on/off it will damage the integrity of it.


When using it for strides I thought the heel counter helped a ton with lockdown. As far as durability the material they used seems to be pretty sturdy and so long as you’re not storing them with the heels completely bent in I don’t believe that it will affect the integrity of the spike.


Mambas up on Eastbay. Super weird that Nike US still doesn’t have them up.


Mamba 5 owners- what are your thoughts on running some 400s and 800s in them? I’ve been using NB MD800s the past couple years to fill the OG Vic shaped hole in my heart


“OG Vic shaped hole”… what happens when you draw a hole in a hole? :exploding_head:


Hey man, messing around with questions like that is why those CERN scientists will wind up killing us all one day by accidentally splitting the Higgs boson with their large hadron collider.

Certain things are better off left alone.


Not sure what shoe but it was at a NYC Nike event


It is the NYC “Noise Canceling” Zoom Fly****