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Old news, this picture was on instgram during spring before being taken down because it showed off the vomero 14 prototype.



Mamba 5s


I have waited years to tell this story, and in light of recent events, I feel that it’s now appropriate to share…

My senior year in college (2011), I lived in a large house that had been divided into several 4-bedroom apartments. I lived on the ground floor, so I naturally had 4 other college-age kids living directly overhead. They never got too loud too late, so they were great neighbors for someone with a distance runner’s bedtime like me.

That said, they did have one ritual that caused some noise to bleed through their floor/my ceiling and into my bedroom. Every single night at around 9:00pm, and maybe a bit later on the weekends, they played the exact same song over powered speakers. They didn’t play it very loudly, so I never minded, but it was at least loud enough that I could hear the bass travel through the ceiling above me. Because I heard that same bass line every single night for an entire year, I learned it like the back of my hand, though I never identified the song itself. The volume wasn’t so loud that the rest of the song came through; only the muddled bass line. But there was no mistaking it; this was the exact same song, every night, for months on end. I never knocked on their door to ask what the song was; partly because I liked the challenge of trying to figure it out myself, and partly because I didn’t want my genuine curiosity to be mistaken for a passive aggressive demand that they turn down the music.

Then, years later in 2017, I was at an ice rink/swimming pool/rec center/“leisure center” type of place, and was stopped dead in my tracks. I heard the same exact bass line leaking through the doors of the facility’s hockey rink. There was absolutely no mistaking it. That line had been seared into my memory, permanently. I realized that this could be my last chance ever to learn what the song was. So I hurried into the rink, and sure enough… Mambo No. 5, by Lou Bega.

These college-aged kids had been playing Mambo No. 5, 12 years after its release, every single evening without exception, for the entire house to hear.

Anyway, because today marks the release of the Mamba No. 5, I thought that this was as good an opportunity as I’ll ever have to share this story.


The rest of the Mamba V colorways are on Running Warehouse, but they’re already out of a lot of sizes… :upside_down_face:


Gotdamit. Those white ones are so clean. Guess I just have to wait for the restock.

On a side note I did find the description of the spikes to be interesting (below) and shows just how trash the Mamba 3s were.

"At the 2016 Olympics, there wasn’t a single Nike steeplechase athlete that wore the Nike Zoom Mamba 3. This motivated Nike designers to take a completely new approach with the Zoom Mamba 5. Rather than starting with features necessary for the steeplechase and then trying to make the shoe fast, the designers decided to start with something fast and then tweak it for the steeplechase.

Evan Jager, the American Record holder in the steeplechase, liked the original Zoom Victory, so they started with that spike plate. After removing the carbon fiber plate, they needed to maintain explosiveness and protection from the barriers, so they extended the spike plate into the midfoot. Additionally, many athletes complained about slipping on wooden European barriers, so they added strategically placed triangular teeth.

Finally, the designers noticed that many elite steeplechase athletes wet their spikes before tying them because the fit would change after becoming wet. To address this, they created an upper that would be comfortable wet or dry.

Whether you run the steeplechase, the 800m, or the 10k, if you want to wear what the fastest runners in the world are wearing, grab a pair of Mamba 5’s."


I’ve been despising the Mamba 3’s for years. Pretend you’ve a pair of beach flip-flops made of wood.



Just to be clear, is the fit of the mamba 5 closer to the fit of the Vic 3 series or the Vic 2 series?


I think it would be safe to assume it’s more like the Vic 3 due to the shape of the toe box.




Just ordered my Mambas… I’ll let you guys know what the fit is like when they arrive


FYI to all, VSAthletics has the white Mambas in stock.

$112.5 +$15 shipping, so it’s more expensive than RW with the 15% off.


I know I’m a few days late, but your story reminded me of one of my favorite stand-up bits. If you enjoyed @robbyjca’s post, I highly recommend you give this a listen.


lol, i love john mulaney


Odd that still doesn’t have the Mamba V in stock in the US a month after the int’l release!

Can anyone vouch for VS Athletics? About to pull the trigger on those white mambas in my true Nike size.

Edit: All out of 11.5 :frowning: Hoping they restock or Nike comes through this month :confused:


So only did some strides in them so far so this isn’t anywhere near an informed review, but fwiw the Mambas may be the best feeling spike I’ve ever put on. Mostly coming down to the upper both due to the material and the fit. The OG vics always felt a little narrow in the forefoot. Plate seems a little stiffer through the midfoot. I’m planning on having a little bit of an indoor season this year, and I’m excited to get to race in them. I think they’re as close to perfect as I’ve worn for mile-5k.


That’s great to hear. How’s the sizing compared to the vic 2 and 3


I’ve never worn the 2s as that was my Mamba 2 phase, but the fit is very close to the Vic 3. Initial impression is that it is a bit more snug in the rear/midfoot (in a good way), and nearly identical sizing in the forefoot.


I think you’ve described it very well. These will be the best any of us have worn in a middle distance spike to this point- comfortable, fast, and that “spring off the track” feeling. Pity the public release does not contain the carbon plate, but perhaps it was cost prohibitive.