Nike 2018


OG vaporfly fits better than the Flyknit one. Just my opinion. Feels like it fits smaller but also feels a hair softer.


the Adios for grass workouts and think it works well, but the LT would probably be your best bet if your feet/legs could handle it


i’ve been using the streak 6 for my xc workouts and races this year. love them off road. have used on gravel and trail. the LT3 is a little aggressive for my calf/achilles this early in the season so i tried out the 6’s one day and haven’t looked back. several other guys on my team using them as well. i might be a little concerned about their grip on grass but other than that, they’ve been really solid.


Think I’m gonna get the Adios and use my old pair of LT3s if we do anything fast.



Second the comment about the Mambas in the US. Any news on the release??


I have a friend that runs for Villanova and he gave me some interesting info regarding the Streaktumbos being sent around to some universities. This is just what he was told by some members of the staff, so take this with a grain of salt.

Basically he said that Nike is sending these out in multiple batches. His team specifically got around 12-15 pairs, and these pairs were only given to the top guys. This is essentially a test run and Nike is looking for feedback from these schools. The Streaktumbos we’ve seen (like the ones in the Texas Work Out Wednesday) are version 1.0.

After this initial test, adjustments/modifications will be made (if necessary) and version 2.0 of the Streaktumbos will be sent to schools in a higher quantity. I have no idea what adjustments would actually be made, so there may end up being no change at all.

The final thing he mentioned, and this is just pure speculation…He believes that this possible “second version” is the final test that will determine if Nike makes these available to the public.

He has no idea what the timeframe looks like for this whole thing, so I’m not getting my hopes up for a commercial release anytime soon. I know none of this is super crazy, but I found it interesting nonetheless.


Was told by someone on the Nike chat that the Mamba Vs are being released "soon"™ :expressionless:


Had My Mamba 5s in New Zealand for a week :wink:


Alright I know this is the wrong thread for this question, but since talk of the release is focused on this thread, I’mma ask it here. How do the Mamba Vs fit size wise? How do they fit compared to vic2/tumbo2? Compared to vic3/tumbo3? Wanna make sure I’ve got the sizing right so I can order as soon as they drop.


true to size for me :slight_smile:


New Jordan running shoes


My thoughts on this shoe:

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Let us know what you think! I may also be biased but I bet the white ones give people a little more pop in their step :wink:

In all honesty though if I can’t get the white/black ill prob stick with my OG vics.


those are cool but also disgusting


yeh colours not for everyone but it was the only option and it does look better in real life haha. They feel real nice more OG but upper feels much nicer :slight_smile: wouldnt do them any harm to have a carbon plate tho :slight_smile:





That’s an awesome color.


Spotted on Ben Blankenship’s Instagram :astonished: