Nike 2018


Nike Mamba 5 spikes out and up for sale on Nike New Zealand :slight_smile:


:drooling_face: dang


European as well


Anyone know when the BTC mambas & other track club spikes are supposed to be dropping?


Structure 22s out on eastbay, only thing that looks like changed was the upper


Mambas still not out in the US :confused:


Oct 6th, I think.


Damn. Also if anyone buys them can they confirm the carbon fiber? I may pick them up before November.


So is this the mamba colorway we’re getting in the US?


New Victory, Victory Elites, Ja Flys, and Triple Jump Elites out…


@Rolows_13 do you know how much the vomero 14 will weigh?


sorry I dont know


np just curious



Still no sign of the Mamba 5 on Nike US! I’m itching to buy a pair!


Lagat custom Pegasus 35?


Could that be one of the full ZoomX versions?


looks like it!


I saw a video of Kipchoge running in one of those the other day - just looks so unstable without a plate! I remember them remarking at the Peg Turbo launch event that that’s one big reason why they put the React in there, another being durability


Also kind of unrelated - what are peoples’ thoughts on using the Zoom Fly off-road? I need a pair of fast shoes to do workouts in, primarily on cinders and grass. I’m deciding between the Streak LT, Streak 6, Flyknit Zoom Fly, and Adidas Adios 3. Currently leaning towards the Adios because the LTs don’t seem to have lots of support for those longer workouts, I’ve heard the regular Streaks are rock-hard, and it just doesn’t seem like the Zoom Flys will offer great traction on grass. Any input appreciated.