Nike 2018


anyone have thoughts on whether the zoom fly SP upper makes a difference vs the regular zoom fly - specifically in the toe box? the regular zoom fly upper makes my middle toe really unhappy on both feet. wondering if anyone else has this problem and if the SP upper alleviates that problem?

on a related note, looking to trade zoom fly regulars for SPs should anyone feel like it. BNIB size 10 men’s. also put this in the master buy/sell thread.


same here! :joy: hoping the ZF Flyknit fixes it?? @afv


Okay to confirm, we are supposed to be getting . Flyknit zoom flys, 4% version 2s, 1% and mambas and streak tumbos.

Any idea on release date of 1% and streaks


Please educate me. What shoe is 1% referring to?
Also, I have heard (rumour again-apologies) that only select American universities will be receiving the streaktumbos.



It seems that might end up being the case :frowning: Texas has a pair in the workout Wednesday posted today.

As for the 1% Rolows posted about them post #380 on 2018-08-17. He may have been referencing the new zoom flys but I don’t know now because the picture does not load


also has anyone worn the new zoom fly. how does it compare to the zoom fly with no flyknit? They look cool but I already have a pair of zoom flys, I rarely wear.


new zoom fly’s feel a bit softer than the original’s, imo. I’m not a fan of flyknit, but as far as the ride goes, imagine it being in between the original zoom fly’s and the vapor fly’s


i read somewhere (possibly on here) that the og zoom fly has a react core and a lunarlon carrier, whereas the fly flyknit is all react

also: does the website look different to anyone else?


Some shots of the Vaporfly 4% Flyknit


Yeah it’s different lol


Haven’t gotten to do a workout in the Zoom Fly FK yet, but it feels like a 100% improvement. They don’t give me achilles pain like the originals did, and I no longer feel bumps under the metatarsals like I experienced with the originals.

Zoom Fly FK has a carbon fiber plate like the 4% and full react foam, whereas the OG’s had the react core and lunar exterior with a pebax plate.

Give me another week to get some workouts in and report back.


Dang hopefully not… I was pumped about the streaktumbos :frowning:


Clean, production Nike Streaktumbo on the Texas men in the latest FloTrack WOW.

Note, not a Texas-custom colorway. Maybe there is still a chance…


Yes, this is what I mentioned this week. It’s rumoured that only select American universities will receive these in limited numbers.



I’ll pray for you guys but I don’t like LT3s or 4s :frowning:

  • We asked Brett about the gap in the line-up of low, fast shoes now that the Lunaracer, Flyknit Racer, and Flyknit Streak are out of the market (the Streak and Streak LT are still around). Don’t be surprised to see a shoe ideally suited to 10k - ½ marathon in the future.



I ran at Coast to Coast in Boston yesterday. Lots of top Nike programs there had them. Ole Miss, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Wake Forrest, and I’m sure some other schools had them but didn’t wear them to race.


Anyone know if the Vomero 14 will have a full-length zoom unit?



Hoping there’s carbon in them. If not, I don’t see a compelling reason to upgrade from OG vics. I know plenty of pros run in the OG Vics w/ carbon shank, so I thought this was gonna be Nike’s way of getting them into their latest spikes rather than a spike that was last made in 2012 :joy: