Nike 2018


Any available news on those special shoes coming out in October.


No, unfortunately not. I feel bad having shared that with the group, though perhaps Nike has changed its mind. It is not uncommon.


Update on the turbo. Split has gotten worse but I can’t notice it while running. It’s just annoying that it’s splitting. Only 179 miles on the shoes. Rubber on the bottom is holding up fine, so is the react foam. Just not happy about the foam coming apart.


Update on the Forever XC 5 Gold edition. Looks to be a FleetFeet exclusive, get your pair now!


Does anyone know a final release date or period for the Nike Mamba 5 spike?



so close but so far :weary:


Streak 7 AJ1699_010




Looks like we won’t get carbon fiber in the retail Mamba V. Or same business as w/ the Vic Elite 2s, for which official listings still read “Pebax plate”, yet the consensus seems to be there’s carbon in them?


Nike Pegasus Turbo XX.
It is a women’s only specific shoe design. I’m liking the design, reminds me of the Zoom Citizen for some reason


Sorry to bring up an oldish topic but what are ur thoughts on the streak lt 4 and what do u use them for


I love my pair. Use them for road racing 10k or under. Not sure if ill wear them for a half in the spring


I honestly hated mine but loved the streak 6. I used mine for workouts and road mile to 5k. I just felt like they weren’t supportive enough because the tread wasn’t stiff like a spike but the weight was light like a spike.


I still run most of my workouts in them, they’re good for anything from faster track work to tempos. The lockdown kinda sucks though, especially indoors. My feet get shredded from sliding around, even at slower pace (5:30s).

side note- if anyone knows good lockdown flats that wouldn’t slide on indoor turns, I would love a recommendation


Adidas Takumi Sen, but good luck finding a pair anymore. Probably the best all-around flat I’ve ever owned.


I have a suggestion! The Nike Streak LT2. It’s pretty much everything you want in a…

oh wait, nvm.


I’m sitting on two pairs of them still, probably with a combined 20 miles total. One pair got to see the track this morning!


take. my. money.


Peg turbo: spooky edition :ghost:


I’d have to see them in person to determine if it’s black and orange or a navy and orange. Either way I like it haha