Nike 2018


So is this 4% spike likely to make it to market? If so would it replace the matumbo?


New details on Kiger 5, courtesy of RoadTrail Run. Looks like a total redesign. React midsole. Changed outsole rubber pattern from the waffle pattern. Only a zoombag in the heel. Rock plate in the forefoot. $130 price point. Slightly lighter than the Kiger 4. Dope looking colorway. Very excited.


love that they’re bringing the kiger back to a more race-oriented shoe. also love the current trend of '90s esque thrift store colorways, especially taking from the nike all-conditions gear playbook here.


great update, speaking from experience.


Really cool colorway of the zoom forever coming


Reminiscent of the old Milers.


Looks like the world champion spikes from this year! Mismatched and hints of gold although not as suddle on these lol


I got to run in a pair of these recently and it was absolutely insane.


Peg Turbo’s REACT


Looks like Jordan is using the triple black Flyknit racer theme


Just because no ones really talked about it yet, I think the peg turbo is one of the best shoes I’ve ran in. It feels like the Clifton 1 cushion wise but is a lot springier and fits a lot better. It feels super soft when going slow but firm when going fast. It feels great from doing a 10 mile run to ripping 300’s on the track. Super versatile shoe that does everything great. I’ve gotten ~70 miles on them since the 20th and they have almost no signs of wear besides just being super muddy. Only complaint is that the react and zoom x are starting to separate a little on the right heel. Hasn’t effected performance, but it feels like it might effect the durability. 10/10 would recommend.


Interesting that the foam is separating can you upload photos?


like it’s not that bad, it’s just worriesome since I’ve only had it two weeks


Glad you like them it will be interesting to hear what happens to them! Keep us in the loop


Peg turbo back in stock on I was just able to land a pair


What color do you go with?


I’m hoping runningwarehouse gets more stock today so i can use a discount code on them…


The white hyperpunch ones. They were the only ones loading for me for whatever reason and i was real worried about missing them.


Some reason I really can’t vibe with the pink lol. I coped the black ones. All about running warehouse prices man. Surprising but I actually did not have a problem with getting my hands on a pair today.


number: 880848-006