Nike 2018


Pegasus 29 is my goat shoe. Wore me up until 2 years ago. Almost
Impossible to get new ones


Pegasus 29 and 30 was basically a Vomero and the Vomero 8 and 9 was basically a Pegasus…


You are paying for a lighter (zoomX) softer more responsive (react) Pegasus 35. Other than that fit is super similar because it was built on the same last.


To speak on the Jordan Running project I worked on a few months ago, I was essentially forming a concept of what Jordan running could look like. I’ve all but abandoned the project for various reasons. The products they have released are the exact opposite of what I would’ve liked to see.


I’m going to ask this and you may not be able to respond but if you had your way what would you do?


Ill answer for nolan, he probably wouldve liked to have come out with real/ good running shoes. not holding onto the visual identity of retro jordans, in hopes of its carried success into the running world.


Unrelated to Jordan and I know we are mostly distance guys but check out Christian Taylor’s spikes today at Monaco


Just came here to see if anyone had the shot. Plate was full-length with 4 pins.


Taylor’s always got great spikes, they always look like flats from afar lol


Can someone ID Cheruiyot’s spikes he used in the DL 1500 today? Looked like eother custom vic 1s or mamba v from one screenshot I saw.


Mamba V I think @wo61899

I can make something out in the middle, but I think it’s just the same plate as Chelimo and others have


Kebeni used them today as well, and he had the extended/hidden plate too. Didn’t @GThorvald say that there wouldn’t be anything like that on the final product? I heard from a Nike employee last year that Centrowitz has two carbon fiber shanks in his custom OG Vics and Jager had carbon fiber in his when he ran in it as well. I’m thinking that the athletes like the smaller size plate on the outside of the bottom but still prefer a firmer spike. Really curious as to how the real Mamba Vs are gonna feel (and also whether they will be marketed as steeple only!)


Jah, that is what I was explained by the Nike Euro rep. I can only pass on what I’m told. Nike supposedly abandoned the “hidden plate” style for mass production to the public. I have a prototype pair of both the styles, and prefer the pure cut Vic style that will be produced and sold. As an aside, I had not heard that about Centrowitz’s spike preference.


Thanks for clarification. Fwiw the stuff about Centrowitz’s spikes I heard in July of last year from a Nike rep who works in Pennsylvania mainly with college teams, but he seemed to be very knowledgeable.


Tigard pretty much covered it. Make exciting product that’s runnable and coveted. Don’t make running shoes that look like knock off Jordans. I wrote a whole deck on it, feel free to shoot me a DM if you feel so inclined.


Kipchoge’s new Vaporfly Elite.


Flanagan wearing something special to pace houlihan’s AR today
Saw them myself but was not able to get a picture but it looked different from the one that Henrik was wearing

they look dope and I love the feel of the vaporfly 4%so really hope those will release !


Stage 2 vf4% spike, @bertebob…the midsole has significantly thinned since. Hope your injury also is recovering well!


wondering how you know about my injury :wink: ? but thanks I will get back soonish :slight_smile: ! @GThorvald


Looks cooler when they take the masking tape off the side.