Nike 2014


Found some pictures of the Nike 2014 spring collection! :smiley:

Lunareclipse 4:

Celar 5:

Lunarglide 5:

Structure 17:

Flyknit racer:

Victory 2:

Maxcat 4:

Superfly R4:

Matumbo 2:

Streak 4:

Mamba 2:


Nice find, I’m really liking the black/salmon colorways.


So that’s what James was wearing at Pre. It looked like he was wearing superflys with exposed flywire. Makes sense, he’s always liked the celars.

This is the only one that I really feel excited about. We haven’t had solid-color mambas in a while. The others are cool but this one (or possibly the maxcats) takes the cake.


Mamba 3?


The Mamba’s truly look amazing. I’m guessing the 2014 kits would match theses colors?


doubtful. when have kits ever matched general released colors?


Ugh why are they making another version of the Structures when the 16s just came out?



Shoes are released every year with sometimes minor improvements sometimes major ones. The 17 will be released right around the exact same date the 16s were a year previously. Every shoe company does this with 90% of their shoe releases. This release is definitely not uncommon.


Will the mamba plate change at all?


Heaven forbid a company try to get closer to equilibrium to maximize profits.


So since Galen has always trained in the structures I’m left to assume he is wearing the 17’s here:


Definitely the 17’s. Both he and AlSal rocking them.

I think they overdid the ODP logos/quote on them. Little too much going on there :rolleyes:


Where’s the Ja Fly? haha


I saw this today. Its called the Nike Free Flyknit Hyperfeel. I don’t know if its supposed to be a minimal type trainer but it sure looks light. Its supposed to be coming up with Nike’s Autumn/Winter stuff


kinda looks like a wrestling shoe


Those definitely look like they’d be a minimalist shoe.


It almost looks like a sock with laces, I wonder how durable it will be.


Does anyone know exactly when all these will be released?!


Not trying to derail anything but how do I post pictures?