NICK VENA goes crazy. Over 75!



Nuts. Simply nuts.

I hope Morristown is building a statue of that kid somewhere.


gosh I hope these were makred right, all I mean by that is, 2 foot 6 inch improvments in three days are meteoric from a guy who already throws absurd differences…

Holey be jeezus…


There’s nothing hard about officiating the shot; I’m sure they got it right. If my memory is working right Crouser had the same kind of improvement all at once when he went from ~74 to 77 feet, didn’t he?


a staggering performance

i saw the bridgeton kid throw 61-7 thursday night and it was a bomb

vena just threw more than 14 feet farther.



Kid from Bridgeton is only a SOPH and has thrown 61-7.25 and 187-0 in the discus. We’ve been totally spolied by Vena!


Not only are we spoiled Joe, I was trying to explain to someone late this afternoon what 75+ feet looks like, it is over 25 freaking yards

So , I says: Imagine if you get one 62 footer in a coaching career, you go “Oh my god” when you see this kid you have throw, as that is clearly in top 1%. Then imagine almost a foul line away is where Vena gets it out to?

It is absurd. I know two others have done it, but his consistency over 70 feet is astounding, and I still think he will throw Discus very far , if he focused on that half as hard,

he is tall with long arms and fast for a huge guy.

can anyone who did not see it, which are all of us? Imagine what Michael Carter’s bomb looked like? that was 27 yards…


IMO, throwing 75 is the throwing equal to sub 4!

4 guys have gone 75
4 guys have gone sub 4


Funny I was thinking the same thing almost exactly

altho I now believe the 81 feet is bigger than the 3:53

And I love the Middle and long distance marks, and think they are great

But 81 feet , may never be broken.


I don’t think there’s any question that 81 feet is far superior to 3:53 if one record can be considered superior to another. It also seems to be the consensus among the dyestat community as a whole.


I had begun to believe that Vena had plateaued (albeit at an amazing level), but May 2011 has marked a step change in an already historic career.


I did as well. But cannot argue with this horror show.


Anybody who saw him throw at Penn would say that Vena really looked sharp and primed for big things. Ask Lambert


To put it in perspective:

If Vena was standing at the baseline of a regulation size NBA basketball court, the shot put would land roughly at the OPPOSITE free throw line.

Carter’s throw would be well inside, about where the broken circle is.

Completely ridiculous.


How freakish is Carter’s mark? After the 81-3.5 his second best throw is 77-0. Beamonesque if you ask me.


Maybe another step change is possible for Vena, recalling that Carter’s bomb came on his last throw in his last meet, at the Golden West Invitational. Talk about clutch.
This is worth posting again…