NH Outdoor Track 2012


Alright guys, in an attempt to try and revive this forum lets hear some predictions for the divison meets this outdoor season! :slight_smile:


I’ve been waiting for this for quite some time. Pinkerton Is still going strong. I’ve got nothing reliable as of now for predictions. What meets is everyone running at?


The only prediction that I can safely throw down right now is Jono winning the 800 at MOC’s. Other then that, no clue what shape kids are in. I believe BG is running in Haverhill Invite in Mass as their first real meet, but I believe we have a dual meet at Keene to start the ourdoor season off


BG will have 2 sub 4:20 Milers…


Do we know which two? or does BG arbitrarily pick who they will put under 4:20 at a later point in the season? Pinkerton will also be at Haverhill. We are hoping for good weather, although we are not counting on it. We have some dual meets with concord, Londonderry, Alvirne and a few others I can’t remember.


Just guys off the top of my head who i think will be running come late May at Winnacunnet. (No specific order) (D1) (No doubles listed, assume ppl will double tho) apologizes to any i missed

800- Conlin, Horsley, Winslow, Poggi, Cullianane, Geiger, Greene, Harter, kwicien

1600- Cogliano, Gagnon, Latham, Provost, Damato, Sroka, Munroe, Brown, Motivala, Busby, Becker, Bellomo, Patterson

3200- Lafond, Anvinzino, Langevin, Kopetz, Godin, Dutton, Hammond, Smith, Geiger (doubles from mile and 4by8)


Looking forward to seeing Connor Kweicen at the frosh/soph meet. At time trials on wednesday he ran an impressive 52.3


According to logarun, Dylan Lafond is trying to break 4:10 in the mile. I’m not sure if that is for class l’s or not but that’s what his log says. Should be interesting.


I wouldn’t say 4:10 is impossible for Lafond, but thats very ambitious. I doubt that would be at class Ls because if he was running 62s its unlikely anyone would go with him, so he’d have to do it all alone. More likely to be at New Englands, a big invite or NBON.

Anyways, Opposed to the Cap Classic this year Alvirne will be at the Londonderry Invitational… Obv they have a nice track but does anyone know any info on the meet or whose going? Should get a decent turnout considering MOCS are there just 2 weeks later…

Oh, and if a frosh-soph cross country meet existed we could’ve ran our varsity team minus me haha Would be an interesting concept.


I’d say it’s pretty close to impossible. The average runner which ends up running sub 4:10 outdoors, tends to run sub 4:00 in the 1500m (or its mile equivalent indoors) in the previous season. He definitely could have run faster indoors, but 4:07 is kind of a long way from sub 4:00.

Also he’ll likely need to hit one of these to be on track to do so, in the spring: 800m - 1:53 and/or 3200m - sub 9:10.

I don’t know, but it seems like a tall order to me.


Anything is possible and it is possible for me to run a 4:10 mile. I am in 4:16 shape already with no workouts. Winter was just a traning tool for me, so will see what happens (: Is anyone going to the Loucks Game in NY this year? I think i’m going to go down and check it out.


I respectfully disagree, Jeff LaCoste was a much better runner than you (no offense intended) and he ran 15:07-5k, 9:12-2 mile, 4:12-mile and 1:56-800 as PR’s. And to be honest how would you know that you are in 4:16 shape? Have you done a time trial? I am definately someone who believes in big goals to get a runner motivated, but in my opinion 4:10 is unrealistic…


I’m just going off what the stats indicate (that you are more likely to run in the 4:12-4:14 range). However, only you and your coaches know what kind of shape you are really in. My intention isn’t to be a dream killer. Good luck this outdoor season.


No offense taken at all man and im not here to start anything because I respect everyones opinion even if I do disagree with it. I have not done a time trial, but I have just recently did a workout that indicates that I am in 4:16 pace. I agree Jeff LaCoste was a very good runner, but we are much different runners in experience. This is only my 2nd year seriously training with a good coach and my 1st year training throughout the year… I had no idea that I had the potential to even come close to be a NH state XC Champion nor be top 50 in the nation as an individual and had no idea I could have run a 8:45 3k off no workouts in indoor. And once again I respect both of you guys as runners and am not trying to start anything, but I just wanted to get my word out there that it is possible for me to run a 4:10 mile. Grant good luck to you to buddy, I think we have a meet together this season before Class L’s. See you out there!!


On a separate note, I saw some pictures on facebook the Brandon Latham has a boot on. Anyone know whats up with that, preferably Latham if he is still checking this? Any insight into how that will affect your season Brandon?


*Chris Poggi
And see you then :smiley:


should we go through the name thing again? didn’t we already do that for the indoor thread?


Could you elaborate on what you did for this(these) workout(s)? what were your splits?


5x160 ; 4x1000 ; 5x160 at threshold pace. Just to get my legs back to some speed. 160’s @ 26’s and 1000’s @ 3:04. At the end on XC this year I was running 3:12 for the 1000’s. The reason I know I am at 4:16 shape is because when my coach tells me im at a certain shape he is always right. Every. Single. Time. Also, I didn’t post to “brag” or “show off” so don’t put me on the spot like this again. Just make sure you check the resluts at NE’s or Nationals.


Im not here to add anything, but let’s put 2 and 2 together:

“BG will have 2 sub-4:20 milers.”
“Brandon Latham has a boot on.”