NH Cross Country 2017


Anyone still on this board?

D1 individuals predictions

  1. Vorbach
  2. Mackenzie
  3. Winslow
  4. Derry
  5. Ireland
  6. Velasquez
  7. Vanderslice
  8. Boesch Dining
  9. Huberdeau
  10. Spencer (no track results)

Others in the mix: Gagnon, Duncan, Devine, Ferrando, Nash, Noe, Desmarais, Carbonneau (no track results), O’Brien, Seeley, and a few of Winnacunnet’s kids.

Possibilities: O’Hern of Concord had a standout track season (4:31), it looks like he had a massive improvement from xc to track, so hopefully that will carry over back into xc. Conery, also of Concord had a very solid track season (2:02/4:37), but didn’t do very well in xc last year. Nichols, yet another concord runner, ran xc his soph/fr years, but not last year, and during his first track season this year he ran 2:06/4:43. Curran of North didn’t run xc last year, but he would be a very solid addition with a 4:36/9:59. Josh Thompson of Dover (4:46/10:03) hasn’t done xc in the past, but it was also his first track season.

D1 teams

  1. Concord
  2. Keene
  3. Pinkerton
  4. North
  5. Londonderry
  6. Winnacunnet

This is definitely Concord’s year, I’m predicting undefeated against NH competition. And unlike other teams, they’re gonna have very solid depth. Add frosh Kearns and Bragg, then David Cook, Nichols, Conery, and O’Hern to their top 6 returners and you’ve got 12 guys that could break 17.

Keene will have quite a solid top 4 with Derry, Velasquez, Ferrando, and Kindopp, but they fall off just a little bit after that. They have a good freshman class coming in, so I’ll bet they’ll find a decent 5-7.

Pinkerton will also have a solid top 4 with Gagnon, Noe, Desmarais, and Groulx, then after that there will be a bit of a gap, but, Aham, Mize and Woodman (maybe a breakout cross season after running 48?) certainly comprise a solid top 7. Not too sure about their freshman class coming in.

North is gonna a front heavy team by the looks of it, having to rely on Vorbach and Ireland to do well. If Curran runs, I’m sure they’ll be right around or even better than Keene. Prince (16:57) and Jakib (4:40)
would probably be either their 3/4 or 4/5, but after that they really start to lose depth. Like Pinkerton, not sure about their incoming frosh.

Londonderry will bring in an exceptional freshman class (top 3 in d1 middle school states), and they have Donnelly, Metro, Seeley, and Letalien returning, all having run sub 17:15. Historically however, top londonderry middle school guys either haven’t run in HS or haven’t transitioned too well.

Winnacunnet is a very young team, but they certainly have talent. Jack Taylor and Noah Taracena stand out, and their 4x800 comprised of all underclassmen ran 8:19 to place 17th at NE’s. These guys have the potential to place as high up as 3rd if they put the work in.


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It would seem that most have moved on from using this board, for one reason or another. I check in every so often but it’s become part of a self-fulfilling prophecy of not participating because no one else is.

Nonetheless, I always find the extrapolating pre-season to be some fun so here goes that.
I’d agree mostly with the top 10 individuals at D1s here, the only thing I’d consider is Velasquez being up higher… Running 9:4x as a freshman is impressive, and he was running 16:30s last year’s season, I see him being Keene’s #1, honestly. I’d slate him as high as #3 right now. Everything else I would agree with.

Without a doubt, Concord is the favorite this year. Anyone challenging them comes down to some teams pulling out runners we couldn’t of expected, which can happen, and has happened before.

Keene is strong, and look to be getting stronger with some incoming freshman.

North is pretty top heavy, and their chance really falls on them finding some more runners to help them out. For what’s it worth to that squad, they did exactly that last season, but it’s something you can’t count on.

Keep in mind, Londonderry almost always has seemingly strong incoming freshman and it doesn’t always end with a strong underclass in high school.

I think if we look at D2, D3, it starts getting pretty hard.
In terms of D2, Pelham has a chance at the individual title with Starr, and possibly a team title if things go well enough.
I don’t see many others taking the D2 title, it really isn’t too deep and no one in that division can match Starr.
I think Coe-Brown lost too much this year to make a real shot at another title, but maybe I’m missing so JV runners that could put something down.
Oyster River will have a shot at the team title, especially considering Andy O’Brien coming in and a solid team to build on as is.

For D3 I’m going to say that Jeffrey Allen will be the individual champion, but Doneski having a definite chance to take it, and I’ll put Kearsarge to win, but that’s pretty hard to determine. Especially hard considering I’m not always all that familiar with D3.

Will more people contribute? Probably not, but I had my fun.


Oyster River is by far the favorite for D2, they return Keegan (16:16), Spinney (16:40), Carrico (16:54), Stenslie (17:00) and Stone (17:10), with the possibility of Strout, sub 17 as a freshman but struggled in Cross last year, returning to form. Fleischer and O’Brien both broke 5:00 in middle school, 4:53 and 4:55 iirc.

imo the board is dead and has been for a while, can’t count on guys who graduated to keep it alive.

edit: might as well include some predictions while I’m here
1a) Vorbach
1b) Starr
3) Mackenzie
4) Velazquez
5) Derry
6) Ireland
7) Allen
8) Boesch-Dining
9) Keegan
10) Doneski
not sure on Doneski, he was completely absent in track. Next in line for me would be Tanguay/Spencer/Huberdeau if Doneski isn’t in form come fall.

  1. Concord
  2. Keene
  3. Oyster River
  4. Nashua North
  5. Pinkerton
    hard to decide between OR and NN for 3, OR didn’t put together a great track season for distance while North has some serious issues with depth that make me concerned even if Curran runs and performs well.


The 2017 New England Championship Meet will be held in Maine at the Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast. I am the meet director for an invitational meet on that course - the Maine XC Festival of Champions on September 30. We have 4 open slots in the meet for out of state teams. Right now the only NH team competing is Hanover. If you are interested, visit the meet website for my contact information.



Congrats to Concord for the big win and setting the new record top 5 average at 15:53.92! Also, great job to North for pulling off the upset for 2nd, as well as Keene, OR, Londonderry, and Coe-Brown for qualifying for New England’s. Very fast times!!