Next Cross Season


In a recent phone conversation with a friend we both did seem to agree that James Martin was only the 7th best returner coming back next year. Which equals sick. Here are the others we thought we’d rank ahead of him in no particular order.

C. Martin

J. Martin

To think that James Martin may not even be good enough to make a indiana top 7 all star team is just crazy talk. The guy has improved at least slightly every year since his freshmen year too. Kent Garrett is like the first alternate and then I think Gabe Ocasio may only be good enough for a preseason 10th ranking. I’m not already switching over to cross mode, I’m actually just as excited for these national meets coming up as I was for state.


I heard that Whitelightning guy had some big write up he was doing on the cross season next year but he needs to have a few more phone conferences to me so he knows what he’s talking about. In case you forgot.

Columbus North favorite

Noblesville greatest contender, needs a 5th man and just a bit more firepower

The next front or wave of teams.

Hamilton Southeastern and Zionsville great young team returning a lot.

North Harrison, lost Tyler but has a great solid 4 and should have decent up front firepower, desperately needs a 5th man, in worse shape that Noblesville in that category.

Carmel, great front man, great depth, I believe their biggest worry is their 2nd and 3rd runner. Let’s see how else they can develop to run with the big boys. Jus saying that Williams freshmen kid recently went 4.25. Looks like he could become good enough for Carmel to maybe stay close with the 1-2 punch with CN. But then come 3 and 4, so still a lot of work to do.

Terre Haute North Mascari is golden, the rest of the team seemed real quiet in track but they were last year and came out swinging. I think they might shock some people this cross season.

Franklin Central as well looks primed to be a stand out team. In a similar boat as Carmel.

ok there are some notes for you Nate.

ps I didn’t forget about Tate, he’ll be up there too. Wow this year is already insanely stacked.