New York Diamond League, May 25


Some very impressive fields and head-to-head action with some of the best.

Men’s 800: Rudisha, Kitum, Lalang, Mulaudzi, Osagie and Brannen from outside the border and our homegrown talent will include Andrews, Rutt, Sowinski, Manzano and rabbit extraordinaire Scherer!

Men’s Shot: (you have to love these guys for not ducking each other) Armstrong, Cantwell, Hoffa, Whiting, Majewski and Martin

Men’s Triple: Taylor vs comebacking Idowu

Men’s 400: can’t tell how they will break up the runners into heats currently but my guess on the fast heat is: Wariner, Quow, McQuay, Mance, K. Borlee, Bingham with hopefully Ricardo Chambers and Tabarie Henry rounding it out.

Women’s PV: Suhr, Murer, Silva, Spiegelburg, Bleasdale, Bengtsson

Women’s HJ: Comebacking Vlassic vs Barrett and Green

Men’s 5000: Your usual grouping of blazing Kenyans and Ethiopians plus Ben True and Famiglietti (!!!)

Men’s 100: Gay, Bailey, Nesta Carter, Ashmeade, Daniel Bailey, Bailey Cole, Kimmons, Phiri, Salaam, Richard Thompson

Women’s 1500: Aregawi, Langat, Lakhouad, Uceny, Martinez, Reid, Rowbury, Gezahegne

Men’s 200: Weir, Curtis Mitchell and Alonso Edward

And of course the boy’s Dream Mile should be amazing.


Does anyone know if there are still tickets available anywhere?


Huh I think this is the first year they’ve had a 5km, or at least the first year they’ve had a good one.

And I’m guessing Scherer means at least a 1:42 performance.


If there was a major SP or field event, how on earth would these guys duck each other?:smiley:


I love the old Familgetti, but how on earth does he get a spot here?


Isn’t he a new yorker? Hometown hero for the fans to cheer on in…as he gets dusted


Can’t wait to see Fam run reckless!


i was wondering the same thing, unless he is a rabbit of some kind (and is he even good enough anymore to rabbit a field of this caliber?)


This is the only reason IMO. He’ll sell a few more tickets.


One back of the bus air ticket
3 nights in a shared room
3 days modest per diem
maybe a $500-1000 starting fee
fill a lane with a name a few folks recognize for about 2000 bucks

tickets still available in all price ranges


I wish I didn’t live in a track desert so I could see legit stuff like this.


What The Hell Kitum Wow


wow, just when I thought it could not possibly look too much worse for Robby Andrews , looked like he was running in sand after 400 to 600, yeah he picked up some faders coming in but was never in this, and was a second+ behind Michael Rutt again?


Sowinski looked quite good for 760ish meters, but he got tangled with Kitum and Osagie and fell. He looked really strong though – running with guys like Kitum ain’t bad. Rudisha obviously was well clear of the scrum.


hope no injuries resulted;
Agree Mr. C. the race was always going to be for second and he was in it. Have not reviewed the tape but -hey stuff happens, you get up and move on-
Crappy turn out and shameful sales- the early season(end HS/College) holiday weekend and the pish poor weather all made for a poor showing of support from the NYC fans. My Bickle friends report low turnout& ticket demand this year.
Has T&F become too BOLTED?

meet attendance was announced as 5,150

the covered portion of the stadium has 5,000 as a seating capacity listed in a number of sites including their own.


What happened to Gebremeskal in the 5k? 20 seconds back of the winner in 13:31, Hagos wins in 13:10… Nice run in by Ben True with 13:16 for 4th place, the place is more impressive than the time.

Kitum and Osagie finished in 1:46mid so not crazy to think that would be Sowinski’s time, of course Kitum is a 1:42 guy so thats not bad given the weather.


Warren Weir 20.11 in the 200…is the weather still garbage because if it is that is a super impressive result wow.


The weather was very bad, and he basically stopped trying 5-10m before the line because he very obviously won the race.


Ben True ran a very very experienced looking close to his PR race today I had him closing in about 58 or so?


I was in a theater all day and didn’t get to see the races yet, so I can’t comment on the race.

But this video? Wow. I hear the following red flags:

[]Doesn’t know what his next race is, 800 or 1500, or where it’s at.
]Has to “talk to his dad” and Vig. How big of a role is his father playing? The parent-as-coach-or-advisor can be great or a disaster, depending on who the parent is. Given how things are going for Robby, this one makes me nervous.
[*]“Baby steps”, “feel fast, feel strong, just have to put it together in a race.” He hasn’t improved a lick from his first race of the season until now, and even though it’s early, he should at least be showing a little progress and he’s not.[/LIST]This kid is starting to worry me. Something really isn’t right here.