New Tracks in Minnesota?


Hello everyone, long time reader of the boards back to the Dyestat days. I’ve been working on putting together a list of every track (normal, cinder, tar, etc) in Minnesota. I’ve done most of the work looking at google maps, but that’s obviously not 100% up to date. Curious if anyone here knows of anything new that was built in the last two years. Alexandria has a new high school with a very nice new track and Eyota is replacing their old cinder track with a new surface and field turf. If you know of anything else, please send me a reply!


Do you have GPS data on all these schools?


Didnt Brainerd get a new track this year?


I do believe they did get a new track this year.


How new is new? Washburn got a new track about 3-4 years ago if you call that new…


Thanks for the replies everyone! I checked on Brainerd and they do have a new track/field turf field on the same location as the old one.

Zen - I spent a ridiculous amount of time sliding through the state on satellite mode of Google Maps - current count is 367 tracks (including old cinder ones). I’m sure I missed a few along the way.

Google Maps appears to be about 2 years old (Alexandria’s new HS is just starting construction), so anything after that I’d consider “new”


Depends where you’re looking – some maps are 4 years old or older (rural areas) and some in the Twin Cities are less than a year old. One example is Xenium Lane (Cty 61) in Plymouth – they show the new Luce Line Trail bridge that was built the summer of 2014.


Breck School has a new track.


Esko now has a modern track (replacing the old cinder one that was not used).