New To the Spike Forum? Read First!


There has been a recent increase of useless threads being created with simple questions. Here is a list of threads that will help you answer them without making a new thread.

Wondering what type of spikes you have or are in a picture?
Master “What Spikes Are These” Thread
How about if you want to know how your new pair of spikes will fit.
Master Sizing and Fitting Thread
Looking for cheaper or hard to find spikes or trying to sell a old pair?
Master Buy/Sell Thread
Is the person you are buying or selling from reliable?
Master Good/Bad Seller Thread
Wondering what spike you should use for a event?
Master what spikes to use thread
How good is (insert spike).
Master Spike Review Thread
Can I see this spike on or near a cat?!
Master Cat/Spike Thread
A lot of question about watches or shoes or apparel are also in here:
Distance Forum
Customized spike threads:
Customize/Dye Your Spikes
Deals on websites
Master Coupon/Promo Code Thread
Want to know about a trainer or ask a question about one?
Master Trainer Review Thread

Another good rule of thumb. Have an ebay auction you think people would like to know about?
Do not ever post it.

Most of your questions have already been answered in existing threads and can be found using the search function or even using a search engine.

Originally by Alex Adkinson, updated links for Track Talk

Master Buy/Sell Thread

Thank you so much. This just made my day.





BUMP. I don’t care if you aren’t new, this still needs to be read by all.


For some reason there has been a ton of useless threads recently.




I just started an account today, but my responses on the threads will not come up/be posted. What is wrong with my account?


How do I download the track talk app?


download tapatalk then search for tracktalk.
after it’ll say confirm email and then sign in.
its very convenient, i started using it 2 weeks ago.


Hahahha yeah I figured out how to download it like 2 days after I asked. Thanks anyway


Bumping this only because we seem to have an influx of people visiting this thread. Tapatalk was a great service that helped during the 2011 to 2014 years before we rolled out a new “mobile-friendly” website during the 2014-2015 school year. That said to my knowledge we are no longer enrolled in the Tapatalk forum services and there is no reason to download the app in order to read this website. The goals from the beginning of TrackTalk are the same as we have now:

  • TT is backed by the most updated, most secure and best of the best, hand-picked contemporary open source technologies
  • TT’s front end should render like the classic vBulletin 3 themed websites that captured this community originally. We technically maintain separate desktop and mobile sites on the backend that render through a consistent URL scheme so it goes unnoticed by the user
  • TT in essence we went to the extra effort to bring us intentionally backwards with regard to the theme to render like a vBulletin 3 (2006 - 2008)
  • TT should render well your iphones, androids, tablets and event other rarer pocket devices and platforms such as “Nintendo DS” which has popped up in our browser reports
  • TT focuses on the speed of the pageload. Moreover, no one may notice but here at TT you technically only load the single forum page once while the forum data is reinjected into the screen

That’s what we got.