New Skin




so much better


I like it.


Originally posted by Administrator@Apr 15 2010, 03:44 PM
[b] Link: [/b]

new skin looks fine-easy on eyes- will have to play on it to check function
old logo over new logo


voted no, changed my mind to yes after actually clicking on the link.


voted foreskin.


i like dyestats color scheme, or a blue and gray type of thing would be nice as well


Originally posted by Alex Adkinson@Apr 15 2010, 05:46 PM
voted foreskin.



I like it.


Looks good, but It seems having one also like the “Classic” skin would appeal to everyone’s tastes best.


Hey guys, a new skin option was added last night. Near the ‘ESPN Portal’ there is an option to switch between the classic and v5 skins by simply clicking on a link. You never leave the page.


I like


New skin looks good B)


Few things:
-Uploaded the new skin (obv)

-Working on getting the kinks out of it (ie…the banner fixed, plus the weird box at the bottom of the page, which you properly didn’t even notice until I brought your attention to it).

-working on getting a system where multiple skins available.

-working on getting a rep system.

:slight_smile: anything else?


The new skin is great!



edit: Other skins should be up in the next 24 hours, max 48. Things are going a bit rough with this stupid multiple skin code (made from scratch by some random bloke).


love it


The classic version is sex.


Yeah, the classic is made. I’m just working on the software to upload multiple skins.

I basically spent 1:00pm to 10:25pm working on this forum and testing out codes. :frowning:

Basically wasted a good friday. hopefully I’ll have classic up by saturday/sunday at latest. :slight_smile:


I don’t like the color scheme of the quotes. Can you fix that? The black kind of jumps out at you.