New NCAA Rules


I do not like the rule that permits a trial heat to only AutoQ one runner per heat and the rest of the Qs on time. I prefer 3 place in a AutoQ and the smallest # possible relying on time Q, but that has been gone for so long only old farts like me remember. I also hate the 3 heat semi finals and 5 or 6 heats in the quarter finals, a least change the freekin names to first second third and final round.


Amend Rule 1-1.2 by adding to the first paragraph as follows:
No lane around a curve with a radius in excess of 50m shall be eligible for a record or championship qualifying.

Sounds like theyr’e specifcially targeting the UW indoors track…and what does this mean? MPSF was there last year.


very interesting…

seems like enough coaches complained. real shame. I hope there are still good meets run there. It literally kills UW’s indoor scene.


The effect on MPSF isn’t tragic. The ‘conference’ meet is there every year, and a few people qualify, but it pales in comparison to something like the Husky Classic which accounts for, and I’m pulling this number from my a**s, probably over half of the 3km and 5km marks.

Is there even another indoor track (of quality) on the west coast?
Time for Buck to step up (again)?

I’d think the Iowa State track would be affected by this as well.


What are you talking about? Why would this affect UW or any indoor track? Even outdoor tracks are fine, unless their straightaways are less than 70m according to my math.

Unless the UW track is a perfect circle, and then maybe the outside couple lanes would be in trouble…


I don’t know the exact specifications/dimensions of the UWashington track, but it is a 307 meter track. Iowa State is 300m. Another rocket fast track, Boston U is a 200meter track, which is far more conventional.

As you point out, there may or may not be a problem with the current situations. I was sorta trying to point out that the rules committee likely responded to what is happening at UW by either restricting its qualification use, or to prevent another school from building an even bigger and faster track.


The radius to the measure line of lane one is recommended to be not less than 90′ or more than 130′. For a world record to be set, the radius of the outside lane should not exceed 50m (164.04′) except where the bend is formed with two different radii, in which case, the longer of the two arcs should not account for more than 60 degrees of the 180 degree turn. It is recommended that the radii be permanently marked with a fixed monument.

This is for an outdoor track, so there is no change or restriction on any of the indoor tracks.

This is what happens when track guys don’t understand meter measurements, I guess, even though they like running meter races…:slight_smile:

For example, I think the Boston U indoor track has a 60 FT radius, if I remember correctly. A 300 meter track will have no where near a 164 FT radius.


Yeah, I think the clarifications pertaining to proper implementation of curbs and cones on turns are to address speculation about Notre Dame and Washington situations - the 50m radius thing is obviously a different animal.

I would love it if they did try to limit track lengths, but I don’t many folks would be happy if further restrictions were implemented after they established the max length rule a few years back and grandfathered in pre-existing facilities.