New Miley Cyrus video


She and her producers REALLY press the limits. Thoughts?


Miley Cyrus Superbowl 2014.


Was there any point to her being naked? You know, other than the fact that she’s a stupid ho.


This site needs more people posting sexually explicit content.


We can’t see or discuss sexually suggestive topics. Please report yourself.


I recommend not watching it and just assuming that it sucks.


You can discuss and debate the video without using explicit language or nude images.


But isn’t the video itself a nude image?


Well the video appears no where on and is not embedded here. The link to the video appears on youtube which is coincidentally owned by Google.

I can’t believe this is the top searched video of the day. 32 Million views in one day. I can’t believe Miley Cyrus’ last few weeks. She’s going to go crazy soon. I can’t believe Google as a whole is seemingly hypocritical on this matter either.


But actually


If you edited out all the naked, sexual bullshit, that video isn’t half bad. I’d even say it’s artful if not for that.


I am so confused. Is this in some way depicted as art? Because it sure seems like softcore pornography. Is Miley Cyrus a god?


Very Kelly Clarkson-esque song, not half bad. I like the symbolism, but I do think the wrecking ball is unnecessary.


I predict this is going the route of Amanda Bynes real soon. What is it with people who go viral like this going nuts after? Remember the Kony guy?


soft core porn the musical: yet another useless invention


Everyone has their own tastes in art and ideas of what is/isn’t art. Softcore porn, personally I don’t think so. Any episode of Boardwalk Empire is more softcore than this video. No she’s not a god, just a young singer trying to find her niche.

I honestly don’t understand why some people are hung-up on the naked human body.


She’s a strong independent womyn. Just because she’s naked licking a sledgehammer doesn’t mean she’s a whore or sex object, just means she’s expressing herself. Get your minds out of the gutter you cismales oppressing women as sexual gratification pieces.


Like Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video :stuck_out_tongue:


Another red head goes blonde and then the way of the crazies that precedeth her.


Miley is just changing her image and its working. She’s got everyone talking about her and watching her videos just to see if its some crazy messed up thing. She isn’t talented enough as a vocalist or as a songwriter to stick around in the music business and get new adult fans after her Disney/Hannah Montana phase passed by so she is reinventing herself.