New Job


Got hired at Vector, seemingly not hard to do at all, part time. Is this a good deal or no? From what I understand they do not make you pay for the knifes you show and you will get 16 dollars and appointment not hour, but that is guaranteed even if nothing is sold. So is this a good thing to take and put on a resume or is it a scam and a terrible idea?




x_x x_x :cool: :cool:


I’ve been in the market for some knives, what do you have?


I always see those ads for nonprofit groups on Craigslist and I’ve always wanted to do it part time until I realize it’s nothing more than being the guy who gave people paper to throw away or sign up signatures.


Can I interest you in some plastic wrap as well?


Those knives are awful.



You should probably learn to spell “knives” before you try selling them.


Is this a serious thread?




So I spell knives wrong and that is what you point out? No wonder this place is dying


They make nice knives (or more accurately: they sell nice knives), I’ll give them that.

But yeah, it’s basically a pyramid scheme. I got into it briefly, and then I said “NOPE.” Right decision in my mind. Don’t do it.