New England has swallowed up CT


Connecticut is now in the New England board. So is Mass. On dyestat is says CT is in New England yet they have their own board.

On dyestat:

New England has 164,892 posts
CT has 4,834.

Makes sense, but if everyone is really against it I will switch back. Clifbar suggested it and I thought it was a good idea. Compressing the forum a bit.


Tighten up now and let expansion be need driven-sounds good


For the record the CT board was only added after Dyestat Metro started, which may be part of the reason why it has so many fewer posts than New England (which is much older). But regardless as long as there still is a CT forum (within the New England one) it’s fine.


honestly kinda annoying but not the end of the world. i can respect the thought process


Again if enough people want me to change it back I will. Just trying to make some tweaks before some people settle in and won’t want change.



if you’re offering that would be awesome, but again it’s not the end of the world. definitely appreciate the time you’re taking to make this forum reach its potential


Ok. The CT is no longer a sub-board. It is a Real board now.