New England Championship


Any expectation about what team could win?


I can guarantee no team from mass will win


I can guarantee that no team from Vermont, on the guys side, will win


The title is New England Championship - is this the prep version or the other? if it’s the prep does it still mean no MA. team will win?:rolleyes:


I think a New Hamphire team could win. New Hampshire is under estimated. A few very strong teams and individuals


on the girls side, CVU (vt) is very strong this year.


hey **** you sean, if i wasn’t injured again we’d be going alllll the way.

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you are still my pick for overall winner, injured or not :heart: :smiley:


tru dat: they won Manchester Invitational, Thetford Invitational and VT D1 states.


Bishop Hendricken-Rhode Island top at Manchester Invitational
Bishop Guertin - New Hampshire top at Woods Trail Run
Manchester Central - New Hampshire top at Catholic Memorial Invitational

These teams were best non-Massachusetts team at the three major invites I was lucky enough tpo be at this fall. All should be contenders.


at States, they finished all of their top 5 in the top 10 for all of D1, and won with a score of 28.

at woods trail, they won 73-168 (with 59 total teams) and put their top 5 in the first 20 finishers out of over 800

anddd they won the ELITE race at the manchester invitational

according to Marc Bloom’s Harrier XC magazine, the CVU girls are #24 in the nation, the only NE team to make girls or boys top 25.

vermont! bya!


I’d like to say a big thank you to the CVU girls to get us on the rankings, that’s VT, the 47 smallest state showing up on a national scale for HS XC. I second that “bya”


Cheverus High School (ME) will give them a run for their money. Average time of 19:15 with PRs, 5th place last year (and they’ve only gotten stronger, having returned their two key runners and getting two fast freshmen as well).


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Individually, Durgin will repeat on the girls side. I don’t expect Hendry to be satisfied with a 19:xx 13th place either; she’ll be top 6, top 10 at worst.

I’m thinking Chev puts two in the top 8. Their #3 and #4 runners are freshman, and both have better PRs already than the 3 and 4 runners for Cheverus last year, and their #5 is nearly a minute faster than their #5 last year.

Should be an interesting meet.


Will CVU & Chevrus be factors at NXN Northeast?


should be interesting, since it sounds like Cheverus has 2 really good front runners, something CVU doesn’t have. However, they pack it in 1-5.

47 second spread from 1 to 5 at Woods trail
29 second spread at Manchester invite


and a 51 seconds at the state meet, compared to over 2 and half minutes for cheverus. in a state meet, cheverus could win because they had a few in front, but when there is a constant flow of people, having the top 5 runners in a small time is very important.

AND the meet is in vermont, and the cvu girls have run their 2 biggest meets there every year and definitely know how to run the course.

my prediction:cvu beats cheverus and wins it all (of course i’m a bit biased to vermont teams, but i don’t see how they can be beaten)


I disagree. In a big meet like this, the front runners only have a bigger impact. However, with their 5th runner being where she is, Cheverus is definitely going to feel it unless she can pick it up.


Using the 1-5 split to say CVU is a rather silly way to justify saying they will win as it totally ignore the actual times the girls have run. Should I find another girls team from Maine with a better 1-5 split than Cheverus (I’m sure there are several) and use that to say they will beat Chev?

Look at it this way…
Chev #1 SB: 18:03
Chev #5 SB: 20:37

CVU #1 SB: 19:16
CVU #5 SB: 20:06

While Times are generally useless to compare in XC, obviously, when there is enough distance between a time it’s pretty safe to say who is faster. In this case I have no doubt that Durgin (18:03.64 SB/PB) and Hendry (18:34.86 SB, 18:28 PB) will finish before Summer Spillane. There is a realistic chance that Cheverus’ number 3 runner Conley (19:08 SB/PB) will be able to finish before Summer. If that happens, I don’t see how CVU could recover from Chev putting in three runners before their first when the rest of the team is relatively well matched.

My predictions for finishes:
Chev, Chev, CVU, Chev, CVU, CVU, Chev, CVU, CVU, Chev.