New Balance Outdoor Nationals NBON 6/14-16, 2012



Who’s going??:smiley: IN WHAT??:cool:


Nice job by MA Milesplit capturing this effort - not the fastest time, but running it by yourself is kind of cool - you would think that a month from now they could run in the 10:20 range - not as fast as what Marshfield and Pembroke did indoors, but still a nice time - good for them! :slight_smile:


Marshfield will be heading down just for the DMR.


Bishop Guertin Girls 4x800,open 800 . Betsy Garnick Hept and Boys DMR…


Weymouth girls 4x800, DMR, 400 hurdles (Kimball), frosh mile (Betts), shot put (Amazan)


Tewksbury will be bringing Bridle, Semenza, Hogan, Schultz & Quigley. Some combo of 4 of them will run a 4 x 400, while the 5th kid will run one of the following 100, 200, 400, 400IH - just depends on who that kid is.



Horn Decath

4x800: Vercollone, Staffords, Gallagher

DMR: Vercollone, Gallagher, Staffords/Horn

2mile EE: Valeri

JAV EE: Moran


1600m SMR EE: Savage, Freitas, Ng, Leung

4x800m EE: Savage, DeVito, James sisters

JAV EE: Gratzer


There’s a growing rumor that the Weston girls will give it one last try in the 4 x 1 mile. Looking to break 21:00. With two girls graduating, this is the last shot in a distance relay for this group. All girls running well.


Hope Pembroke, Marshfield and Wachusett plan to run the DMR - I would think all three would be in the running for All American status! :slight_smile:

So if Jeremy Bennie just ran 4:15 yesterday, what do you think Colin Bennie could run in the mile? I would put Jeremy Bennie in the 1200 leg and have Colin battle with Gallagher and Hubbard on the final leg - man that would be fun to watch and a nice representation of MA runners on the National stage!


Marshfield is heading down for just the DMR.
1200- K. Thomas
400- R. Talanian
800- J. Lasalle
1600- J. Hubbard


Is this a fair/realistic effort/prediction?

1200 – Thomas 3:05
400 - Talanian 51
800 - Lasalle – 2:03
1600 - Hubbard 4:08
Total = 10:07
1200 – C. Stafford 3:09
400 – Horn/B Stafford 51
800 – Vercollone 1:54
1600 – Gallagher 4:12
Total = 10:06
1200 – J. Bennie 3:04
400 – Frechette-Mccall 50
800 Cusak – 2:02
1600 – C. Bennie 4:10
Total = 10:06


100m (FR) Boys
5000m? (CH) Girls
4x100 (EE) Girls
400m (EE) Girls
2 mile (EE) Boys
4xmile (CH) Girls
2k SC (CH) Girls


JVerc will most likely run 1200 leg
Frechette -Mccall prob in 800
Lasalle has gone 2:01 3 weeks ago
Gallagher split 4:10 indoors
Horn will run 49-50

I think all three teams run faster


Sweet - I hope that you are right! :slight_smile:

Couple of questions then on your comments:

Pembroke questions

  • If Verc runs 1200 - can he run 3:05, which would be needed to make up the 4-5 seconds “lost” by having one of the Staffords run the 800 in 1:58/1:59?
  • I know that Gallagher has run 4:10 split indoors, but it would seem that his “focus” outdoors was much more on the 2 Mile - giving up a little bit of speed - no?
  • I know that Horn can run 50, but after a 2 day decathlon in the heat?

    Wachusett question

I figured that Frechette-Mccall would run 800 as well, but not sure anyone else on their team can run faster than 53 in the 400, and he has not broken 2:00 the 4-5 times I have seen him run it this spring. Who runs the 400 for them - Justin Conors? Maybe on fresh legs at NE Saturday he puts an 800 together or Cusak goes 2:01 and he stays in the 400 - time will tell.


What race did Lasalle run 2:01 in - I did not see that one anywhere? Good for him and Marshfield


Lasalle led off the 4x800 at state coaches in 2:01.4 (just getting the hang of it)

Verc can definitely run 3:05 and prob faster.

Gallagher is strong, speed will not be a problem

Frechette-mcall ran 1:57 last year, thats all I know


Peter Hale will be running in the E.E. section of the two mile, and Melinda Wilson will be in the E.E. discus.


Matt Tinsley 12 Wachusett 4:34.97
Sam Mayo 12 Wachusett 53.37 3


Boy’s Preview

Girl’s Preview


IDK about Cheserek being “vulnerable” to any of the guys in the 2M field. :rolleyes:


If he hadn’t raced the mile at the adidas GP meet this past weekend, I’d agree completely. I was at the meet, and was really looking forward to seeing him go for sub 4. It was really strange though, as he completely missed the gun firing, sprinted past everyone on the first turn, settled in behind the rabbit, but then around 600-800 in, he stopped looking really strong. Then he just continued to fade until the end of the race. Now, I’m still more inclined to just call it one bad race, everyone is certainly entitled to them every now and again, and if that is the case, it is just unfortunate that it had to happen on such a big stage. Regardless, he has looked strong (aka unbeatable) all year, and therefore, at least for me, he gets a pass for the dream mile performance and is still the favorite. At the same time, it has to at least give the other runners the slightest bit of hope that they likely would not have had otherwise.