New Balance Boston Twilight Meets 2012


Registration is OPEN/Some First Meet Entries UP:cool:


W800 - Annika Gompers

W5000 - Cayla Hatton


Hatton seems to be racing long distance alot… :-/

The first meet is day of Coach’s Invitational, and the third is day of States. Possibility of seeing some HS runners running, especially the third meet?

I may run a couple 1500s if i can get back in time.


“Hatton seems to be racing long distance alot… :-/”

Could you clarify the statement? It seems to me that when she has raced this spring, the time between races has been something like three to four weeks…plenty of time to recover.

I also think that they, her coach and herself, have decided to take a long term “college preparation” approach regarding her races.


Anyone planning to race the 5000m on the 12th, or the 10000m on the 19th?


I hope that question indicates that you are. Hope you’re back healthy - have to get ready for that Weston 5 miler.


Yep, I’ll do at least one of them. I’m healthy and training, which is a nice change, though not exactly in the best shape of my life… Sadly I will be away in July & have to miss the 5-Miler this year.


Hope to see you areound. Don’t miss the Janji launch at Marathon Sports in Brookline on June 12th.


As of 5/6
JHubbard 1500
DTaranto 5000


On-Line closed/enter at meetavailable

1500/ Lampron Gallagher Hubbard
800/ Vercollone

Abby D’Angostino -1500
Cayla Hatton - 1500


Chelsea Savage-800m



TitansTC twitters Wes Gallagher 3:55.xx unofficial:D

Anyone got EARS out to NBB?


3:45 lamp, 1:55 verc. Unofficially


3:45 !?!


Yes. Very much so.

THe race was won in 3:43.49 by Chris Brown of Brandeis/Chelmsford.

1 Chris Brown Brandeis Uni 3:43.39
2 Tim Ritchie BAA 3:44.25
3 Erik Berg Brown Univer 3:44.57
4 Kevin Cooper Brown Univer 3:44.92
5 Brian Harvey BAA 3:45.59
6 Josh Lampron Unattached 3:45.74 :smiley: :smiley:
7 Byron Jones Columbia Uni 3:45.94
8 Tom Robbins NB Boston 3:47.58
9 David Chorney BAA 3:48.46
10 Eric Ashe BAA 3:49.15
11 Ruben Sanca GBTC 3:49.17
18 Wesley Gallagher titans track 3:55.62 :smiley:

1 Abbey D’Agostino Dartmouth Co 4:16.15
2 Alexi Pappas Dartmouth Co 4:18.41
3 Stephanie Reilly NB Boston 4:18.46
4 Cayla Hatton Unattached 4:18.65 :smiley: :smiley:

17 David Taranto Red Devils T 15:47.08 :smiley:

7 Chelsea savage titans track 2:19.36 :smiley:
15 Joe Vercollone titans track 1:55.33 :smiley:
3 Kris Horn Unattached 50.42 2 :slight_smile:

16 Alison Lanois Dartmouth Co 4:35.93
19 Annika Gompers Unattached 4:40.65 :slight_smile:

7 David Wilson Unattached 14:59.84


800m Joel Hubbard

10k Cayla Hatton

Early yet, soooo:cool:


400 -Talanian
1500 -Thomas

3k Steeple


quick correction:

200- Talanian
400- Lasalle